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Sunday, November 16, 2014

environmental news stories sunday

for those stories that don't get bandied about on the talking head sunday shows.

tugidak island, alaska: home to thousands of harbor seals and 43 tons of trash. located 10 miles south of kodiak island in the gulf of alaska, tugidak has historically been home to one of the world’s largest haulouts of harbor seals, faced with severe population declines in recent decades. no human lives there, but its footprints have been quite large. - alaska dispatch news

protecting our dwindling water. people who live in the rio grande basin will have to take dramatic steps if they hope to have a future that involves more than just dust. - almogordo news

why don't some state officials want you to read this report on 'green’ energy jobs? a state agency paid almost $435,000 for a survey to tally clean-energy jobs in ohio but never released the results. - columbia dispatch

with drought the new normal, california farmers find they have to change. three years of severe drought in california is making a lot of farmers and ranchers like macon make some tough choices, and in some cases rethink everything about their business. if the conditions persist – and many forecasters predict they will – this could have far-reaching impacts on our food system. - morning edition npr

stanford endowment adds fracking investments. stanford university’s endowment invested in three oil and gas companies in the third quarter, a few months after saying it would end direct investing in publicly traded coal-mining ventures - bloomberg

climate change & pacific northwest glaciers. glaciers in the pacific northwest are essential for the region’s drinking water, hydropower and salmon survival. but disappearing glaciers make the Northwest uniquely vulnerable to the effects of climate change - living on earth

california drought hits san mateo county coast particularly hard. showers were one of the first things to go when the spring dried up at the markegard ranch south of half moon bay. forced to rely on trucked-in water, the four children — ages 4, 6, 7 and 12 — now bathe once a week, often sharing the same tub of water. - sfgate

pr firm boosts congressman for 1 client, attacks his cause for another. a public affairs firm run by former senior aides to president obama has worked to promote republican rep. lee terry's re-election bid in Nebraska while also working against one of the issues he championed: the keystone xl pipeline. - greenwire

judge rules landowner may sue gov't in landmark fracking case. a landmark lawsuit that challenges the lax regulation of hydraulic fracturing in canada has just scored a major victory - vancouver tyee

california drought squeezes olive oil makers - sfgate

twinkling solar bike bath inspired by van gogh's starry starry night built in the netherlands. - inhabitant

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