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Sunday, October 05, 2014

sunday for seven days

global of warming and global warring

the irrational strain of sexism in the rational thought movement

dallas hospital alters account of ebola patient admittance

world's first affordable robot butler coming in 2015
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We shouldn't be sending billions to Israel and Egypt when there are so many people here with food insecurity. Such as Mrs. JP and me, for instance.
commented by Blogger jurassicpork, 6:33 AM PDT  
Dr Dawkins and Harris have said some things I wish they could unsay, but you can't unring the bell. I have some opinions that are probably unpopular, but I'll say them here since hardly anyone comes here anymore. This blew up with the Rebecca nonsense. Dawkins should have just kept his mouth shut, but Watson is an idiot and had a hysterical (oh yes I did say that) reaction to a pretty limp offer for coffee. This turned into a flapdoodle of unnecessary proportions and Dawkins should have side-stepped it. Harris is a bit of a dick and shouldn't be a public face for any movement. Amanda Marcotte is deliberately feeding off attacking Dawkins because he is much more popular than she and more famous so she's trying to ride his fame to get more for herself (I like some of what Ms Marcotte writes, but I have never felt she was trustworthy--her frequent forays into mind-reading in order to slam someone are a good example of the typical crap you see in columns these days).

Finally, at the grassroots level, the sexism really has to stop already. Just because there is a movement for rationalism doesn't mean sexism doesn't exist in it. My argument has always been that nobody is equal until everyone is equal. Anyway, the little boys need to become men and admit that women are as rational as men. I have been an observer of this for decades and I have never seen any sex-based difference in the ability to reason. If you have, I suggest it is a result of observer bias. I see men get very emotional on this very issue, actually. The change it has to come and we knew it all along. If there is going to be a movement to rational thought, we have to all be in on it regardless of gender and we can't slander our team. In other words, stop being dicks and take equality seriously.
commented by Blogger DBK, 10:21 AM PDT  

dbk, if you saw the tape of watson's reaction, it was a throw-away line in the middle of a talk, basically saying, "if you want to impress a girl, hitting them up for a date in an elevator at 3 am immediately after she gives a panel on why sexism is bad, you may want to re-think your tactics."

iow, it was a mild rebuke. it was the mra's over-reaction to her reaction that started the flare-up. her initial reaction was far from hysterical:


imo she was very level headed about it, and folks like dawkins only threw fuel on a smoldering ember, letting others stoke it and feed it until it became a fire.
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Ah, Skipster, I love ya buddy, but there's too much fondness for hanging onto that tempest in a paper coffee cup. My response to it above was likewise a throwaway. But yeah, she over reacted to what was a limp offer for a cup of coffee as I read HER description of it. I don't know, maybe the guy drooled or something. I don't much care. What bothered and bothers me is how it brought out the worst in people I otherwise respect (except for Harris...something about him rubs me the wrong way...he's like the Ben Stiller of science and I don't mean that in a good way).
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