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Saturday, July 19, 2014

whoops! we forgot! happy blogiversary!

to us!!

12 years of contiguous blogging, as of july 10!
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Thank you. I read you every day now and appreciate your articles greatly. A Happy Birthday to all.
commented by Blogger w3ski, 9:22 AM PDT  
Congratulations! Your links are much appreciated.
commented by Blogger Pete C, 10:00 AM PDT  
yay, skippy!
commented by Blogger tomitron, 12:11 PM PDT  
gosh, that must be more than a century in blog years. Good for you, Skippy! er, uh, I mean, skippy. I've been reading your blog probably that entire time! Thanks for keeping it going.
commented by Anonymous lea-p, 6:52 AM PDT  
wow. 12 years.
it goes by so quickly!

thanks for everything, boss roo!
commented by Blogger Cookie Jill, 9:28 PM PDT  
One of my "go to" websites, love this blog!
commented by Blogger Robert, 2:25 PM PDT  

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