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Thursday, July 17, 2014

hot thursday

the right wing hates your "consequence-free sex"

wage theft and other niceties inside new york's food industry

pro-fracking group blocks national park in colorado

the coming collapse of capitalism
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It occurs to me that conservatives want to have it both ways. (What else is new?)

They caterwaul (yes, it's caterwauling) about all those unwed mothers and their poverty, which they don't want to pay for (their terminology, not mine), and then they turn around and get huffy about "consequence-free sex" (as if the only consequence sex has is pregnancy, but then they seem to think that sex and marriage are for breeding purposes only), when what they mean is that women should either be chaste or married and preferably uneducated in matters of sex.

And I seriously doubt that any of those conservatives are or ever were celibate.

Sorry, boys and girls, the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth century happened. And really, if you don't like women, there are monasteries and, y'know, hands. Give real people a rest, already!
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