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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Minister Blair's War

There is very little question that Erik Loomis is correct that the person most responsible for the unwarranted 2003 invasion of Iraq is Tony Blair.

Loomis's commentators suggest other major contributors of note: Cheney, McCain, Rumsfeld, Rice, and Powell (whose autobiography should be entitled From My Lai to Aluminum Tubes: How I Made a Career of Lying to the American People) all get multiple recommendations.

However, they are also all Americans. Blair is not, which is why there are two reasons he beats all the other nominees:

  1. Most obvious, if Britain doesn't become massively stupid and join the Bush cheerleaders, then the Coalition of the Willing looks like the US and a bunch of third-world countries. (Uh, LEGACY third-world countries, that is.) Remember, the French and the Germans were both too smart to get involved.

  2. Second—and, in LG&M context, only slightly less important—if Blair doesn't poodle Shrub, the massive audience applause (i.e., applause from the audience, not in the scene) when [U.K. Prime Minister] Hugh Grant "stands up to" [U.S. President] Billy Bob would not have made the ridiculously-inflated reputation of Love, Actually into what it is today, and the world would have mercifully forgotten it.
Instead, Blair provided cover for horrible military decisions and inflated movie reputations. Not even Rummy can be said to have done that.

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