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Sunday, June 08, 2014

hospital profits over people is sick

our good pal gil christner helped out national nurses united by making this video showing the dangers of hospitals putting profits over people.

the union tells us:

- Healthcare is changing. And not for the better. Behind all the pretty pictures on billboards showing a world where everyone "Thrives" there is a sinister reality. As local hospitals and clinics are gobbled up by giant corporations, the theme is cut costs (by which they mean your care) and raise their profits.

TV ads tell you that you can get your diagnosis at home via Telemedicine without ever setting foot in the emergency room. And, if you go to the hospital, be prepared to get pushed out soon, often when still at your most sick and vulnerable, to a nursing home or your own home where the burden for complex medical care falls on your family.

Hospitals spend your patient care dollars on Wall Street investments, unproven technology, marketing or buying up other hospitals, while cutting those staff at the bedside, registered nurses, who are your first line of protection and your last line of defense.

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