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Thursday, June 05, 2014

gray thursday

legal pot in the us is crippling the mexican cartels

how terrible us internet really is

et tu, jet blue?

and rip chester nez, the last najavo code walker from wwii

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The article on internet speed doesn't say how far behind the US is in speed. It is one thing if the leaders are all getting ten to twenty times the speed we get, but if we lag behind the 80% of the top speed countries by, say, less than five percent in overall speed, that is hardly alarming even if it is disappointing. Also, I presume that the government supports the cost of internet service in those countries in which the article says they pay less per month for internet service. I presume, but the article doesn't say, so I don't know for certain.

That article is a good example of how bad journalism and cherry-picked statistics can paint a picture. I'm not saying the picture is inaccurate, I am just saying that the article fails to produce relevant information on which to base a judgement.
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