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Sunday, June 22, 2014

environmental news stories sunday

for those crazy stories you probably didn't hear about on the talking head shows...

san franciscans in the dark about flood hazards. a citywide effort is tackling a problem that few residents think about: rising seas and coastal erosion - new american media

protected yosemite national park is a living scientific lab. half dome and the grand vista around cozy yosemite valley are good reasons to practice science here, but researchers see a much bigger picture. yosemite is a living laboratory — the entire 1,169 square miles, not just the gorgeous 7 square miles of yosemite valley - fresno bee

can california conserve its way through drought? with worsening shortages, the golden state turns to water conservation. will it work? - national geographic

we all have to pitch in during drought. california officials reported this week that residents and businesses are falling woefully short of the 20 percent water conservation goal in gov. jerry brown’s emergency drought declaration in january that he reinforced in april. - sacramento bee

chromium 6 cursing santa ynez water district. a rising tide may lift all boats, but the current drought ​— ​one of the worst in state history ​— ​has clearly hit the multitude of county water districts with dramatically different impact - santa barbara independent

fracking foes turn to cities. anti-fracking forces across the country have tapped into local governments to get them to tap the brakes on fracking, a technological advance that allows energy companies to extract oil and gas from deep rock formations by pressure-pumping them with sand, water and chemicals. - denton record chronicle

global warming, florida political heat. gov. rick scott, the leader of florida and its republican party, has little action or comment to offer on the threat of rising seas along the shoreline. he's not the only high-profile florida republican who treats the warnings of climate scientists with disdain - lakeland ledger

water war bubbling up between california and arizona. the next water war between california and arizona is coming soon. the issue still is the colorado river. overconsumption and climate change have placed the river in long-term decline. it's never provided the bounty that was expected – and the shortfall is growing - latte times

obama gives order to protect bees and bats. the president signed a presidential memorandum on friday ordering the federal government to develop a plan for protecting pollinators such as honey bees, butterflies, birds and bats in response to mounting concerns about the impact of dwindling populations on american crops - the hill

going against the grain: fda threatens brewers' feed for farmers. want to infuriate the entire brewing industry? start poking around its trash. that's what the food and drug administration discovered when it threatened to dramatically affect how breweries use their spent grain. - national public radio

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