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Sunday, June 15, 2014

environmental news stories sunday

yes. i know it's been awhile...but, truly, i have been busy. it was primary season (i hope y'all voted) and i worked on getting a few people to get elected, a few people to move forward to november and getting signatures for an anti-fracking initiative to get on the ballot in november. (and, yes...it will be there..)
blogging is only one part of the solution...we need action on the other end to make things happen.

so, that being said...here are a few stories you may not have seen on the talking head shows this morning.

'microplastics' imperil marine life in tampa bay. years of work and millions of dollars went into cleaning up the nutrient pollution that was ruining tampa bay with fish kills and algae blooms. But in the meantime another pollutant has been building up in the bay and posing a serious threat to marine life in Florida's largest estuary - tampa bay times

u..s hosts talks to save oceans from overfishing, climate change, pollution. u.s. secretary of state john kerry launches an unprecedented global effort monday to save the world's oceans under siege from overfishing, climate change, and pollution - afp

dried up: poverty in america's drought lands. the drought situation is driving up prices nationwide for produce grown in the golden state's central valley and other agricultural areas stricken by drought. and among rising food costs, access to clean water and growing unemployment, the drought’s hardest-hit victims are the country’s poor. - deseret news

how ben & jerry's says goodbye to gmos. as vermont's new law requiring labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms shows, interest in gmos, or the lack of them, is hot. a growing number of image-conscious companies are looking to go non-gmo. for ben & jerry's, the non-gmo changeover comes with some risk - burlington free press

michigan prepares for brutal season of blood-sucking ticks and mosquitoes. (and this time we're not talking about gop politicians...) experts say michigan is in for a brutal season for blood-sucking ticks and mosquitoes, which raises the risk of certain illnesses. many communities have begun efforts to combat mosquitoes. - detroit news

global warming poses threat to southwest water supply. droughts and even decades-long mega-droughts have long been part of the natural cycle of the colorado river, but that ebb and flow is now occurring alongside global warming, which scientists say is influencing the weather and putting new pressures on water supplies that are already over-tapped and declining - palm springs desert sun

arizona cities could be hit by water shortage much sooner than expected. for the first time, the state agency that operates the multibillion-dollar Central Arizona Project warns that water shortages could hit tucson and phoenix as soon as five years from now due to drought, growing demand and declining water levels in lake mead - arizona daily star - (wonder who john mccain would suggest az "bomb bomb bomb" to get more water?)

obama calls for climate change action in california commencement speech. barack obama on saturday repeated his recent appeals for action to prevent climate change, while speaking at the university of california, irvine graduation ceremony. - the guardian

high-intensity oil extraction ban headed to ballot. the santa barbara board of supervisors has voted unanimously to place a measure on the ballot that would ban new cyclic steaming, hydraulic fracturing, and acidizing operations in the unincorporated areas of the county. - santa barbara independent

santa susana toxic cleanup effort is a mess. any way you cut it, the situation at the santa susana field laboratory site outside simi valley is a mess. the 2,850-acre former rocket engine test center is contaminated by a vast menu of radioactive isotopes and toxic chemicals. the condition of its soil, groundwater and structures makes it one of the most challenging cleanup jobs in the state, possibly the country - latte times

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