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Monday, June 30, 2014

monday: sleep

ebola outbreak out of control in west africa

millennials: 50% idependent, 29% unreligious

benghazi was the republicans' fault

the chickenhawk resurfaces

and rip designing women star (and hollywood montrose in mannequinmesach taylor
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Sunday, June 29, 2014

environmental news stories sunday and happy birthday to das williams

for those little pesky stories that they weren't talking about on the sunday shows this morning.

but first, a big 4-0 birthday shoutout to my hardworking, environment loving assemblymember, das williams!
(i think the hardest working ca state assemblymember)

new threats to honeybees put us food supply at risk. modern farm economics have created an enormously productive system of genetically engineered, chemically dependent agriculture. but it relies on just one domesticated insect to deliver a third of the food on our plate. and that insect is dying, a victim of the very food system that has come to depend on it. - star tribune

isis, water scarcity: is climate change destabilizing iraq? a series of un reports released earlier this year found that global warming is already destabilizing nation states around the world, and syria has been no exception - slate

nasa mission to map carbon dioxide from space. if you have ever had a medical check-up, you have probably been asked to blow into a hand-held device that calculates the amount of air you can hold in your lungs. In the early hours of tuesday in california, nasa will launch into space a similar, albeit much larger, instrument that captures the "breath" of the earth - sydney morning herald

fresno's driest 3 years on record. california got just enough rain to avoid the driest winter in memory, but fresno still will reach an all-time landmark — the worst three-year drought since record-keeping began in 1878 - fresno bee

firehawk super chopper fights california wildfires. they call it the firehawk. los angeles county fire Department senior pilot tom short talks about this helicopter like it's a super chopper. And a firefighting super-chopper is especially valuable now, as california braces for what may be one of the worst wildfire seasons on record - cnn

companies 'work around' u.s. oil export ban. companies and federal officials are finding a way around a 1970s-era u.s. ban on crude oil exports by slightly processing some of the rising amounts of oil extracted from the nation's shale deposits - usa today

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june 29, 1925. santa barbara. 6.3

the main shock at 6:42 a.m., estimated to have lasted only ten or twelve seconds, was followed by four large aftershocks, of six to eight seconds duration over the next twenty minutes. continuing temblors, measuring into the hundreds but diminishing in force, unsettled the citizenry for months to come.

during those first terrifying seconds many landmarks vanished forever. thirteen souls went to meet their maker. for santa barbara an era that had started with the arrival of fremont in 1846 had come to a cataclysmic close.

considering that the city had a population of over 25,000 on that catastrophic june morning, the death total, thirteen, was miraculously small. reconstruction began at once… santa barbara would emerge from ruin as a city reborn -  - walter thomkins

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the nra's very bad year at the supreme court

scientists use mri to scan brains of writers as they write

private probation companies: the return of debtors' prison

the wines of westeros
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Saturday, June 28, 2014

saturday night crap-o-rama

the second amendment doesn't say what you think it says

sean hannity, ron paul and glenn beck will appear in "atlas shrugs part 3"

the greeen news report

archeologists may have found the santa maria

and rip legendary soul singer bobby womack
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Friday, June 27, 2014

skippy's friday night music club

it's friday, peeps. get up and dance to this 
friday night edition to our ode to the sounds of motown.

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party people, friday night

nypd still jailing minorities for pot

obesity is linked to long-term unemployment

record number of ice flows off the coast of newfoundland

10 scientific ideas that scientists wish you would stop misusing

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

skippy's thursday night music club

continuing our ode to the funky sounds of 
motor town, detroit city.

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hardly thursday afternoon

real wait times at the va (hint: not what cnn says)

judges with daughters tend to rule in favor of women's rights

the gop's twinkie subsidy

"things i am afraid of thanks to doctor who"
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

skippy's wednesday night music club

ode to the sounds of detroit. 
wonderous wednesday version!

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what's wednesday want

how chemistry can save you from the zombie apocalypse

doing for the poor and to the poor

amazon labor practices will be investigated

the science of medicinal leeches

and rip character sctor extraordinaire, eli wallach
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

skippy's tuesday night music club

ode to motown continues....and there will be dancing in the streets.

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good tuesday

it's not the motive, it's the gun

study shows massages can improve your health

the rich get richer as the poor slowly crawl out of poverty

the bible verses atheists love
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Monday, June 23, 2014

skippy's monday night music club

a little ode to detroit and motown this week...

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privatizing detroit and slowly killing its poor residents

one faucet at a time.  just so wrong...seriously.
as the detroit water and sewerage department moves to shut off water to thousands of residents who are delinquent on their bills, a coalition of activists is appealing to the united nations high commission for human rights to intervene on behalf of the bankrupt city’s most vulnerable citizens. their report, filed wednesday with the un’s special rapporteur on the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation, alleges that the dwsd crackdown is part of an effort “to sweeten the pot for a private investor” to take over the city’s heavily-indebted water and sewer system as part of detroit’s broader bankruptcy proceedings. - think progress

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monday shut down

cnn: the fox news of cnn

medicare taken for a ride by ambulance companies in jersey

how corporations evade accountability at workers' expense

how to protect your privacy on line
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

environmental news stories sunday

for those crazy stories you probably didn't hear about on the talking head shows...

san franciscans in the dark about flood hazards. a citywide effort is tackling a problem that few residents think about: rising seas and coastal erosion - new american media

protected yosemite national park is a living scientific lab. half dome and the grand vista around cozy yosemite valley are good reasons to practice science here, but researchers see a much bigger picture. yosemite is a living laboratory — the entire 1,169 square miles, not just the gorgeous 7 square miles of yosemite valley - fresno bee

can california conserve its way through drought? with worsening shortages, the golden state turns to water conservation. will it work? - national geographic

we all have to pitch in during drought. california officials reported this week that residents and businesses are falling woefully short of the 20 percent water conservation goal in gov. jerry brown’s emergency drought declaration in january that he reinforced in april. - sacramento bee

chromium 6 cursing santa ynez water district. a rising tide may lift all boats, but the current drought ​— ​one of the worst in state history ​— ​has clearly hit the multitude of county water districts with dramatically different impact - santa barbara independent

fracking foes turn to cities. anti-fracking forces across the country have tapped into local governments to get them to tap the brakes on fracking, a technological advance that allows energy companies to extract oil and gas from deep rock formations by pressure-pumping them with sand, water and chemicals. - denton record chronicle

global warming, florida political heat. gov. rick scott, the leader of florida and its republican party, has little action or comment to offer on the threat of rising seas along the shoreline. he's not the only high-profile florida republican who treats the warnings of climate scientists with disdain - lakeland ledger

water war bubbling up between california and arizona. the next water war between california and arizona is coming soon. the issue still is the colorado river. overconsumption and climate change have placed the river in long-term decline. it's never provided the bounty that was expected – and the shortfall is growing - latte times

obama gives order to protect bees and bats. the president signed a presidential memorandum on friday ordering the federal government to develop a plan for protecting pollinators such as honey bees, butterflies, birds and bats in response to mounting concerns about the impact of dwindling populations on american crops - the hill

going against the grain: fda threatens brewers' feed for farmers. want to infuriate the entire brewing industry? start poking around its trash. that's what the food and drug administration discovered when it threatened to dramatically affect how breweries use their spent grain. - national public radio

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sunday will never be the same

the delusions of open carry

8 reasons some ceo's make 331 times as much as their employees

let's try out conservative economic theories on the rich

study shows people don't understand how racism works
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

saturday night cockfight

gun violence and mental health: myth v. fact

speaking of which, this weekend moms demand action are boycotting target due to that corporation's open carry policy #offtarget

11 maps that explain the energy system in the us

sea world attendance down in 2013

and rip the inventor of kevlar, stephanie l. kwolek

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Friday, June 20, 2014

need a woman by friday

study finds strong evidence of discriminatory intent in voter id laws

forrmer managers allege wide spread inventory fraud at wal-mart

75 cdc lab workers accidentally exposed to anthrax

the secret libraries of new york city
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

hamburger thursday

sexual crimes are up on us campuses

was this the hottest spring on record?

did a gop congressman sell his vote?

pharrell thinks wal-mart is a "happy" place
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

wellington's wednesday

sales of luxury goods fall in china

does sex work beat working for wal-mart?

the people who got us into the iraq mess in the first place have earned the right not to be listened to again

this poem literally combats air pollution
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

say hello

to the invisible warrior report
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gloomy tuesday

the dangers of a world without net neutrality

the dea is accused of obstucting research of marijuana benefits

war gear is flowing to police depts

and rip hall of famer & baseball great tony gwynn (and a belated rip for bob welch)

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Immortal Sex Kills

One hundred and ten years ago today, James Joyce lost his virginity to his future wife, Nora. (Nora's sexual experience to that point is generally treated as a side matter at most.)

This year, someone pointed out—rather in detail—that all the evidence (previously suppressed by his son) indicates Joyce suffered from syphilis for much of his life.

Today, the Chronicle of Higher Education allows a scholar to suggest simultaneously that (1) the author is correct and (2) that it "is a nonissue." (A "nonissue whose lurid quality easily grabs public attention," to be certain; far be it for such (at best) Upper Middle-Brow considerations to be considered relevant to scholarship about the greatest love story of the 20th century.

Far be it for anyone to suggest, perhaps, that the disease negatively affected, say, the life and art of Lucia Joyce. (For instance, will anyone ever be able to read this set of panels again without thinking that if he had only kept his dick clean, the family might have made great contributions in two of the arts?)

The book abides, even as the evidence grows that its creator had the proverbial feet of clay. Indeed, that might make it even stronger.

Happy Bloomsday. Have a somewhat-related-to-the-above-discussion video:

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monday school

the c-words anti-choicers don't understand

fukishima's children are dying

end mass incarceration now

and rip radio personaolity and voice over artist casey kasem

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

environmental news stories sunday

yes. i know it's been awhile...but, truly, i have been busy. it was primary season (i hope y'all voted) and i worked on getting a few people to get elected, a few people to move forward to november and getting signatures for an anti-fracking initiative to get on the ballot in november. (and, yes...it will be there..)
blogging is only one part of the solution...we need action on the other end to make things happen.

so, that being said...here are a few stories you may not have seen on the talking head shows this morning.

'microplastics' imperil marine life in tampa bay. years of work and millions of dollars went into cleaning up the nutrient pollution that was ruining tampa bay with fish kills and algae blooms. But in the meantime another pollutant has been building up in the bay and posing a serious threat to marine life in Florida's largest estuary - tampa bay times

u..s hosts talks to save oceans from overfishing, climate change, pollution. u.s. secretary of state john kerry launches an unprecedented global effort monday to save the world's oceans under siege from overfishing, climate change, and pollution - afp

dried up: poverty in america's drought lands. the drought situation is driving up prices nationwide for produce grown in the golden state's central valley and other agricultural areas stricken by drought. and among rising food costs, access to clean water and growing unemployment, the drought’s hardest-hit victims are the country’s poor. - deseret news

how ben & jerry's says goodbye to gmos. as vermont's new law requiring labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms shows, interest in gmos, or the lack of them, is hot. a growing number of image-conscious companies are looking to go non-gmo. for ben & jerry's, the non-gmo changeover comes with some risk - burlington free press

michigan prepares for brutal season of blood-sucking ticks and mosquitoes. (and this time we're not talking about gop politicians...) experts say michigan is in for a brutal season for blood-sucking ticks and mosquitoes, which raises the risk of certain illnesses. many communities have begun efforts to combat mosquitoes. - detroit news

global warming poses threat to southwest water supply. droughts and even decades-long mega-droughts have long been part of the natural cycle of the colorado river, but that ebb and flow is now occurring alongside global warming, which scientists say is influencing the weather and putting new pressures on water supplies that are already over-tapped and declining - palm springs desert sun

arizona cities could be hit by water shortage much sooner than expected. for the first time, the state agency that operates the multibillion-dollar Central Arizona Project warns that water shortages could hit tucson and phoenix as soon as five years from now due to drought, growing demand and declining water levels in lake mead - arizona daily star - (wonder who john mccain would suggest az "bomb bomb bomb" to get more water?)

obama calls for climate change action in california commencement speech. barack obama on saturday repeated his recent appeals for action to prevent climate change, while speaking at the university of california, irvine graduation ceremony. - the guardian

high-intensity oil extraction ban headed to ballot. the santa barbara board of supervisors has voted unanimously to place a measure on the ballot that would ban new cyclic steaming, hydraulic fracturing, and acidizing operations in the unincorporated areas of the county. - santa barbara independent

santa susana toxic cleanup effort is a mess. any way you cut it, the situation at the santa susana field laboratory site outside simi valley is a mess. the 2,850-acre former rocket engine test center is contaminated by a vast menu of radioactive isotopes and toxic chemicals. the condition of its soil, groundwater and structures makes it one of the most challenging cleanup jobs in the state, possibly the country - latte times

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Minister Blair's War

There is very little question that Erik Loomis is correct that the person most responsible for the unwarranted 2003 invasion of Iraq is Tony Blair.

Loomis's commentators suggest other major contributors of note: Cheney, McCain, Rumsfeld, Rice, and Powell (whose autobiography should be entitled From My Lai to Aluminum Tubes: How I Made a Career of Lying to the American People) all get multiple recommendations.

However, they are also all Americans. Blair is not, which is why there are two reasons he beats all the other nominees:

  1. Most obvious, if Britain doesn't become massively stupid and join the Bush cheerleaders, then the Coalition of the Willing looks like the US and a bunch of third-world countries. (Uh, LEGACY third-world countries, that is.) Remember, the French and the Germans were both too smart to get involved.

  2. Second—and, in LG&M context, only slightly less important—if Blair doesn't poodle Shrub, the massive audience applause (i.e., applause from the audience, not in the scene) when [U.K. Prime Minister] Hugh Grant "stands up to" [U.S. President] Billy Bob would not have made the ridiculously-inflated reputation of Love, Actually into what it is today, and the world would have mercifully forgotten it.
Instead, Blair provided cover for horrible military decisions and inflated movie reputations. Not even Rummy can be said to have done that.

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sunday train

5 conservatives who are still mad that women got the vote

secret service wants software that can detect sarcasm on social media

denver crime falls 10% in the wake of pot legalization

the 'ready for hillary' campaign backs down from legal action against parody t- shirt

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

saturday night bop

new report shows how privatization is leading america on a race to the bottom

what made evangelicals come out of the closet?

what's lost as hand writing fades

glenn beck and the box of dildos
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Friday, June 13, 2014

mr. friday night

lifetime ban on lobbying for law makers?

the real benghazi scandal

tea party nuts go nuts over california bill requiring verbal consent for sex

and rip oscar-nominated actress and civil rights activist, ruby dee

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

halfway to thursday

teenage pregnancy rates drop

npr replaced its bot with humans on twitter, with more positive results

here's a map of every school shooting since sandy hook

pablo escobar may be gone, but his hippos are still a problem for columbia
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

wednesday's song

antarctic ice shelf melting past point of no return predicted in 1978

trust your doctor, not wikipedia

what researchers learned about gun violence befor congress killed the funding

the pentagon's doctored ledgers conceal massive waste
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

gladly pay you tuesday

obama administration spent a fortune monitoring the occupy movement

learning a new skill works best to keep your brain sharp

the wall street pension scam

5 alarming facts about the racial wealth gap
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Monday, June 09, 2014

Notes on the Science Fiction Community's Culture Wars

"History is written by the winners" seems cliche because it is. Instead, let us borrow a phrase of one of this year's Readercon Guests of Honor, Andrea Hairston:

History is the story we tell on the facts—which are of course elusive and indeterminate.

A good general rule, but there are moments that are immutable: it is FDR, not Charles Lindbergh, who was elected President of the United States twice after the War After the Great War broke out in Europe.

So it is in science fiction: it is the evil, Hugo- and John W. Campbell Award-winning Mary Robinette Kowal and the vile, multiple-Hugo-winning Seanan McGuire who went out of their way to destroy the genre.

Kowal was the focus of a cabal of Profession Science Fiction Writers(tm) who denigrated her intricate, arguably brilliant, work by stating that they believe it didn't sell much. (That primary proponent of this cabal was someone who works in the legal department of a publisher that is not Kowal's is, of course, moot.)

McGuire's skills as a termagant were so extreme that she caused the Eminently Noble Jonathan Ross to offer not to be this year's Hugo Toastmaster an hour after he had already volunteered to do so.

Clearly, if we could only give these women their Just Desserts, everything in the SF world would be perfect.

So let's look at the public record to see what can be determined.

Well, the annual Retro Hugo nominees have been announced. This is a central part of SF History; the Hugos started many years after science fiction fandom was formalized, and even longer after Hugo Gernsback started Amazing and made "scientifiction" a formal genre in the United States. This year's nominees include Ray Bradbury, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, E. E. "Doc" Smith, C(atherine). L. Moore, C. S. Lewis, T. H. White, Arthur C. Clarke, John W. Campbell, Jr., Henry Kuttner, Lester del Rey, Clifford Simak, John Wyndham, and H(orace). L. Gold. Not to mention that the media nominees include Orson Welles's broadcast of H. G. Wells's "War of the Worlds."

When the weakest writer on the list (Gold) is one of the two great editors of the Golden Era, you better be finding someone of Sufficient Stature to host the Awards.

The World Science Fiction Convention chose, er, Mary Robinette Kowal as their Yank.

Oh, well, at least that time-traveling McGuire isn't...er, what? "Mira Grant"? And not just this year, but twice last year, twice the year before, and once the year before that?

Never mind.

The facts have formed a coherent story. Glad that's settled.
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monday scabby monday

5 reasons why democrats might win the mid-term elections

colleges are buying stuff they can't afford and making students pay for it

comcast is building "the largest lobbying team ever seen"

and rip golden girl rue mcclanahan
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Sunday, June 08, 2014

hospital profits over people is sick

our good pal gil christner helped out national nurses united by making this video showing the dangers of hospitals putting profits over people.

the union tells us:

- Healthcare is changing. And not for the better. Behind all the pretty pictures on billboards showing a world where everyone "Thrives" there is a sinister reality. As local hospitals and clinics are gobbled up by giant corporations, the theme is cut costs (by which they mean your care) and raise their profits.

TV ads tell you that you can get your diagnosis at home via Telemedicine without ever setting foot in the emergency room. And, if you go to the hospital, be prepared to get pushed out soon, often when still at your most sick and vulnerable, to a nursing home or your own home where the burden for complex medical care falls on your family.

Hospitals spend your patient care dollars on Wall Street investments, unproven technology, marketing or buying up other hospitals, while cutting those staff at the bedside, registered nurses, who are your first line of protection and your last line of defense.

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sunday sunrise

social security threatens to close all their field offices by 2025

the melting antarctic ice sheet will unleash a global superstorm

inside the christian right dominionist movement that threatens to undermine democracy

 mice like to run on wheels for fun
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Saturday, June 07, 2014

monster mash-ups

belle waring over at crooked timber writes a bit about a few new mash ups, most notibly one from one of the best mash up artists ever, dj earworm.  belle's examples, while definitely more recent than the ones we chose to highlight below, are, in our opinion, not the best representatives of what a clever, complex mash up can sound like.

with all due respect to belle, whose writings we enjoy regularly at ct, the strokes/christina aguilera opus is pretty much just christina's lyrics over the strokes' bass line, with a bit of "hard to explain" over-laid towards the end.  not that it's a bad mash up;  believe us, we have heard plenty of attempts where the keys, the tempos, or even the meters of the songs don't coalesce, which is, after all, the very essence of a mash up:  taking different songs and fusing them seamlessly into a new piece.  the "stroke of genie-us" that belle provides definitely is seamless, listenable and complete.  and we do admit that the new dj earworm has all the hallmarks of that artist's work:  disparate songs deconstructed and then reassembled into something that is a million times more than the sum of the parts (we save our fav dj earworm for last, below).

call us old school, but one disappointment we have with mashing up current songs is that (and this is a whole other conversation) today's music tends to sound alike, because the hits are produced alike, because what sells in one song will sell in another.  and before you accuse us of yelling at kids to get off of our lawn, we ascribe that process to every era of music within itself:  a disco mash up, due to similar beats, production, and vocals of that genre, would simply come out sounding like a medley instead of a whole new piece.

therefore we love it when songs that are at least a decade apart are sewn together for a new frankenstein.  our first case in point, while rather simplistic in its structure (1 stanza of artist a, 1 stanza of artist b, repeat), is debbie harry's rapture riders (doors vs. blondie) [ed note: pls. forgive the embedded ads]:

simplistic, yes, but we enjoy how the under-current of bells, saxophones and bass guitar of blondie's rapture perfectly holds up jim morrison's lyrics.

stretching across decades even further, we love nine inch nails vs. beatles "come closer together."  we are sorry, we couldn't find the artist who first made this (we didn't try too hard, we admit).  and the video was done by someone else after the fact.  but what we love, aside from nin's industrial grundge perfectly contra-punctuating lennon's non-sequitored description of timothy leary, is that, when mixed together, it sounds like the two different songs are the same song at their very cores:

but our favorite example of decade-bridging takes two different songs that nobody in their right mind would ever have thought of putting in the same thought in the same night, week, or very possibly month, let alone mashed together into one.  and somehow, it goes beyond astounding and amusing to actually work.  again, we apologize for not citing the original artist (and for the pop-up ad), but sit back and behold gwen stefani vs. the soggy bottom boys, in "hollaback girl of constant sorrow":

lastly, as promised, we present our very favorite mash up of all time, by the great dj earworm.  it's one of his early works, and while not as complex as his united states of pop series, it still has more depth musically than the other works presented here.  earworm takes the scissor sisters, melds them together with paul mccartney perfectly, and then threads them in and out of george michael (with a dash of aretha franklin thrown in for good measure).  eventually at the end all the songs are playing, and while you'd think the result would be cacophony, it instead becomes and exciting crescendo to a perfect end.    with a video by steve colson, here's "no one takes your freedom":

what's your favorite mash up? be sure to show your work.
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saturday night boogie woogie man

psychiatrists say homophobia is a mental disorder

women are more stressed at home than at work

troubling trend in government since the 90's

norway's reality show starring birds and a squirrel

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Friday, June 06, 2014

morning rise and a friday night

why red m&m's disappeared for a while

is this the end of the banana?

the biggest struggle working in retail isn't low wages

bipartisan bill would prohibit congress from flying first class at taxpayers' expense

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Thursday, June 05, 2014

gray thursday

legal pot in the us is crippling the mexican cartels

how terrible us internet really is

et tu, jet blue?

and rip chester nez, the last najavo code walker from wwii

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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

wednesday's child

how you'lll get screwed  if conservatives kill the post office

13 snarky headlines about women improved

very rich jerk gets work release for 7th dui

the 50 coolest book covers
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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

give me tuesday

unionization is the next step for fast food workers

new jersey mistakenly over-bills tax-payers doesn't tell them about the error

how the right wing is killing women

children grow unhappy after age 11 thanks to technology, among other things

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Monday, June 02, 2014

monday salvation

comcast plans data caps for all customers in five years

how gun extremists target women

germany generates a record-setting 74% in renewable energy

gop has lowest approval rating ever going into the next election
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Sunday, June 01, 2014

sunday sunday

here's what colorado looks like after marijuana legalization

how wage theft goes unchecked

prison industry: big business or slavery?

behold, pinocchio rex!
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