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Friday, March 21, 2014

it's finally friday

george w. bush lost an entire generation for the republican party

22 vets commit suicide everyday

gop senator using tax payer money to take speech lessons

msnbc: preen forward
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"22 veterans kill themselves every day"
And I can't find their names.
My husband's PTSD from Viet Nam changed us all -- even the kids born much later. I've been suicidal; my eldest son - a disabled vet, is suffering from anxiety attacks now; my youngest son (still active duty on medical hold) has ptsd, and has been suicidal. My war veteran father shot himself at last in 1997.

We keep fighting the wars, hot and cold, that we have been submerged in ---there seems to be no "in out of the cold" for veterans and their families.

That song lyric had it right - War, what is it good for?
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