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Sunday, March 09, 2014

environmental news stories sunday

for those stories you might not hear on the right leaning, climate change denying sunday morning talking head shows.

farmers sign statewide petition for fracking moratorium - santa maria times

drought hastens end of a region's hydropower era. the yearslong drought in central texas could eventually snuff out a renewable power source that fueled the region’s early growth: hydropower - texas tribune

senate dems to stage climate all-nighter. at least 28 senate democrats are pulling an all-nighter on monday to wake up "stubborn" climate change deniers in congress. with substantial climate change legislation all but dead in congress, the senators just want to get to a point where lawmakers can agree that climate change is a scientific fact - the hill

drought raises fears s.j. river could run dry. a water district official in south san joaquin county is sounding the alarm that the county's namesake river could run dry this summer all the way to the edge of the delta - stockton record

california drought: orange county expands 'toilet to tap' water recycling. one way state officials hope to make california better able to withstand the drought is to stock underground drinking water supplies with recycled wastewater - kpcc

california researchers embark on "kelp watch 2014". cal berkeley scientists are participating in a first of its kind study to test kelp for contamination from radioactive ocean water from the damaged fukushima power plant - bay area nbc

dredging up the truth. newly uncovered documents reveal that as early as the 1960s -- decades before the government ordered GE to undertake the river dredging that is scheduled to resume this spring -- company officials were warned of the potential serious health threats of polychlorinated biphenyls - albany times union

tap water taste weird? thank road salt and nj's snowy winter. the state transportation department has used more than 460,000 tons of salt — nearly an 80 percent increase over last winter — enough to season a large order of mcdonald’s french fries for every new jerseyan every day for nearly 368 years - newark star ledger

surviving beijing's pollution while pregnant: 'i feel like a lab-rat.' the risks of high pollution levels for pregnant women are potentially significant. a number of international studies have indicated risks to children whose mothers are exposed to high levels of pollutants at pregnancy, include low birth weight and long-term impacts on intelligence. - the guardian

wendell berry: a strong voice for local farming. for six decades, writer wendell berry has spoken out in defense of local agriculture, rural communities, and the importance of caring for the land. in an interview with yale environment 360, he talks about his kentucky farm, his activism, and why he remains hopeful for the future. - yale 360

and now...a moment of eco zen

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