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Sunday, March 02, 2014

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories you probably didn't hear on the blah blah blah talking head shows this morning. oh, and no...the storms hitting california did not "fix" the drought.

l.a. moves forward with fracking ban. facing complaints from south l.a. residents living near oil fields, the los angeles city council moved Friday to place a moratorium on fracking and other drilling methods, a move opposed by oil companies - los angeles daily news

los angeles city council takes step toward fracking ban. the l.a. city council on friday moved toward banning hydraulic fracturing, acidizing and other controversial methods of coaxing oil and gas from wells, agreeing to draft new rules that would prohibit "well stimulation" until adequate environmental safeguards are adopted by state and federal governments. - latte times

u.s farmer warns illawarra of fracking danger. where john fenton comes from, simply turning on a shower faucet can have deadly consequences. on sunday, he told his story to the stop csg illawarra meeting and urged the community to continue fighting to protect the drinking water catchment from the effects of fracking. - illawarra mercury

in “the sixth extinction,” elizabeth kolbert reports from the frontlines of a dying world - grist

court rules off-the-grid living is illegal - off the grid news

climate change fight in the balance at u.s. supreme court. while the public sleeps through an unusually rough winter, the fight against climate change -- or the fight against excessive regulation, depending on the point of view -- is being waged at the u.s. supreme court in a landmark case involving greenhouse gases. - upi

apple ceo: climate hange deniers should their money out of apple stock - think progress

senator expresses concerns about nuclear-waste tanks. most of the youngest and sturdiest of the giant tanks that the energy department uses to store high-level radioactive waste at its hanford nuclear reservation in washington state show some of the same construction problems as a tank that began leaking in late 2012, according to documents released by senator ron wyden of oregon, whose state is across the columbia River from the site - nytimes

pig poop powers north carolina farm. in the heart of north carolina’s bucolic wine country, east of the great smoky mountains, lies loyd ray farms – a factory farm that turns pig poop into energy. loyd ray farms is the first to tap a new energy market created under north carolina’s unique renewable energy law, which took effect in 2012 - discover (reg. req.)

“yoga mat” chemical found In nearly 500 foods - environmental working group

epa deals blow to alaska copper mine citing need to protect salmon. u.s. environmental regulators moved on friday to block development of the pebble mine in alaska — potentially one of the largest copper projects in the world — citing the possibility of "irreversible harm" to the state's valuable salmon fisheries - al jazeera

kauai: groups seek to intervene in gmo suit. four organizations that support kauai county's new ordinance pertaining to pesticide use and cultivation of genetically modified crops are seeking to intervene in a federal lawsuit that aims to block its implementation. - honolulu star advisor (reg. req.)

maui residents want to let voters decide on gmo ban - honolulu civil beat

democracy or corporatocracy? the choice is ours. - the ecologist

reuters' climate coverage continues to decline under "skeptic" editor - media matters

when santa barbarian waves go rogue...


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