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Sunday, January 26, 2014

the last cavalier

our good buddy dan mcvicar is starting a new project:  this time he's writing a graphic novel!  from his press release:

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american writer/actor daniel mcvicar is teaming up with sicilian comic artist gianluca gugliotta on an exciting new graphic novel: the last cavalier launching on kickstarter at url http://bit.ly/tlcgn. the epic new hero michael cross fights a dark global conspiracy, and his inner demons, while scouring the globe for rare and priceless spiritual artifacts.

ancient myths meet modern geopolitics in a compelling story spanning centuries and continents, chronicling the adventures of a currentday templar knight as he struggles to keep good and evil in balance.

it’s a change of direction for author daniel mcvicar. after finding success on american television he relocated to turin, italy, where he is now a europeanbased actor and filmmaker. turin (torino) is a reallife city of magic and mystery, most famous as the home of the holy shroud of turin. this rich backdrop is an important character itself in the complex tapestry of the last cavalier

smart, fun and fastpaced, this graphic novel combines history and myth in an ambitious saga. but at its center, the last cavalier is a profound love story about family and the nature of mankind.

illustrator gianluca gugliotta, recognized as an important artist in the comics world, is excited to be on board this project. he has worked with marvel and dc comics on projects from spiderman to the black panther to mr. terrific and lois lane & the resistance.

he is thrilled to be part of the team that introduces the exciting world of michael cross to the public, and with his participation this special first edition promises to be a work of collector art.

rewards for backers at different levels are being offered on the special first edition of the last cavalier kickstarter page. these rewards include the full color graphic novel, additional and unique artwork by gianluca gugliotta, and even a personal tour of turin by daniel mcvicar

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