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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Random Notes, 28 Jan 2014

I now understand Andrei Shliefer--and Brad DeLong's deferential attitude toward his ex-roommate--much better. If Harvard really has a pro-plaigarism culture (which none of my wife's alumnae and alumnus relatives followed), yesterday's note about Davos participants underperforming the market makes much more sense.

Apparently both The Commons of Pensacola (no link; site doesn't accept my browser) and A Night with Janis Joplin are closing the week after the Super Bowl. The former has a plot that will be familiar, with Blythe Danner as a proxy for Ruth Madoff and Sarah Jessica Parker as one of her daughters. The latter reminds me of Michael Swanwick's "The Feast of Saint Janis," which is Highly Recommended

Speaking of Blythe Danner, now that no less than Paul Hewson has praised the songwriting skills of her son-in-law, can we stop the Coldplay trashing? (Even if you're not ready to go this far yet.)

This makes sense; there is continuity in science, even if (though?) economists occasionally try to deny it in their profession.

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