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Monday, December 30, 2013

lala land goes bagless

on january 1st. so all you angelenos, don't leave your house empty handed. it will cost ya....but a heck of a lot less those stupid plastic bags are costing our environment.
happy new year! and don't forget to take your own shopping tote to the supermarket. los angeles' ban on plastic bags at grocery stores goes into effect on jan. 1. starting wednesday, it will be illegal for big grocery chains, including retailers such as target and wal-mart that sell groceries, to distribute disposable plastic bags. in july, smaller markets will have to comply with the ban as well. - latimes

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posted by Cookie Jill at 10:49 PM |


And as long as we have drought conditions, that will be fine.

Me, I recycled or reused mine. I suppose I'm an outlier, though. I would have preferred plastic be available during the rainy season.

Also, no one seems to mention that those cloth bags have to be washed every so often, and that produce and meat need to be securely wrapped or they will ooze and/or leak.

It does beat seeing all those ripped bags in the street and knowing that they would never degrade to dust, though.
commented by Blogger D., 7:05 AM PST  
I hate the ban. I haven't bought waste can liners in over two decades. They still sell liners you have to pay for. And as the previous commenter said, the reuseables breed bacteria if you're not careful (some folks have already gotten sick).
commented by Blogger LanceThruster, 12:59 PM PST  

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