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skippy the bush kangaroo

Thursday, December 05, 2013

happy zappadan!

we inadvertently missed the beginning festivities of zappadan

here's frank, w/flo & eddie, doing call any vegetable

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Nobody misses Zappadan...you gotta put a motor in yourself...
commented by Blogger Aaron B. Pryor, 5:32 PM PST  
Happy Zappadan to you, too!
commented by Blogger zencomix, 10:33 AM PST  
Back in 1995, I posted to alt.religion.scientology, quoting six lines of Scientology's Sekrit "Operating Thetan" Scripchurs and comparing them unfavorably to the lyrics of "Call Any Vegetable".

For my efforts, I recieved a threatening letter from Helena Kobrin, chief barrator for the "Religious Technology Corporation", threatening me with dire consequences for having reproduce those six lines without the permission of RTC.

good times
commented by Anonymous joel hanes, 3:22 PM PST  

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