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Sunday, December 29, 2013

environmental news stories sunday

for those little stories that were, most likely, not bandied about on the talking head shows.

farmer in shafter, california, helps bring focus to valley environmental issues. last year, almond farmer tom frantz shot a video of an oil company illegally spilling fracking fluid laced with chemicals into an open pit at the edge of shafter, calif. within months, his video had inspired stories from the new york times to the british broadcasting corp. - fresno bee

chemicals and kids can be a deadly combination. surprisingly, children’s environmental health is still a new field. many medical conditions result from what youngsters breathe in, eat, drink and touch. a recent international conference in Jerusalem discussed the issues - jerusalem post

beware, there's something in the sydney air. for the past 15 years, sydney's australian nuclear science and technology organisation has measured the city's air quality with a particular focus on the tiny aerosols that circulate but cannot be seen. the concentration of these particles varies during the seasons, but, as a whole, fine-particle pollution has serious health implications - sydney morning herald

california drought brings water rationing orders. december is usually not the time of year to discuss water rationing. but this holiday month has been so dry that mandatory water conservation orders are beginning to sweep across the sacramento region - sacramento bee

revealed: how global warming is changing scotland's marine life. global warming could cut commercial fish catches around scotland by 20 percent while they increase by 10 percent around the south of england, according to a new study by more than 150 government and university scientists - glasgow herald

bee decline overshadows endangered species act's 40th anniversary. saturday marks the 40th anniversary of the endangered species act being signed into law; the occasion, however, is being eclipsed by criticisms about whether government agencies are doing enough to protect some species – bees, especially - al jazeera america

meet the senator from exxonmobil who’s taking over the energy committee - grist

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