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Sunday, December 01, 2013

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories that the talking head shows didn't touch upon.

pesticide ban to protect bees enters into force. as of december 1, farmers in the european union will no longer be able to make large-scale use of pesticides suspected of killing bee populations. but the busy honey-makers remain under threat. deutsche welle

opportunities, risks could grow with proposed hog farm rules. georgia ranks no. 24 with only 200,000 farm-raised hogs. but the state is considering grabbing a bigger piece of the porcine pie by allowing farmers to vastly increase hog production. - ajc

activist/philanthropist jeff skoll to produce film on "merchants of doubt." if you use the internet or watch films, you've encountered jeff skoll in two of his roles. as ebay's first president, he helped transform the auction firm from a small startup into a global commodity. and as founder of film production company participant media, he produces blockbusters that feature political or social messages - the guardian

9/11 asbestos crews share fear of health coverage running out. while ground zero asbestos-removal crews are now at risk of developing mesothelioma and other cancers, there's no guarantee they'll have their future medical bills covered - nynewsday

rain brings plastic pollution to santa monica beach. when overcast skies brought rain to santa monica and southern california nov. 21, benjamin kay took his video camera and documented the single-use plastic pollution emanating from the Pico Kenter Storm Drain and onto santa monica beach - santa monica mirror

this bamboo scooter runs on nothing but air. forget gas, now a scooter exists that is designed to run on nothing but air. Specifically, compressed air, the same stuff that’s used to clean computer keyboards, fill scuba tanks, fire paintball guns, and more recently, to power cars - fast company

residents of a rural northern texas area were awoken early on thanksgiving by not one but two earthquakes. such quakes have become alarmingly normal during the past month, and fracking practices could be to blame. - grist

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