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Friday, October 04, 2013

william (bill) d. johnson

november 9, 1939 - september 23, 2013

johnson was truly a legend and guiding force to generations of dartmouth golfers. but beyond all of his accomplishments, victories and contributions to collegiate golf, he will always be remembered and celebrated for his incredible humanness, personality and unquenchable spirit. he loved his players, his teams and dartmouth. his love for golf was boundless and his teachings revolutionary.

as johnson often said, "gentleman, there are 18 chapters out there today.  some are good. some are bad.  just make sure you read each one. and … enjoy yourself." - dartmouth sports and the pilot

goodbye, dad.

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My condolences.
commented by Anonymous D., 8:07 AM PDT  
Read each one, enjoy yourself, and make it possible for others to enjoy as well.

Sounds as if he managed the latter as well.

What D Said.
commented by Blogger Ken Houghton, 10:29 AM PDT  
My condolences. Be strong.
commented by Blogger Mr. 618, 5:09 PM PDT  
I'm so sorry for your loss. He sure sounds like a wonderful human. Must have rubbed off on to you.
commented by Anonymous lea-p, 6:54 PM PDT  
so sorry Skip.
Aby holding You.
commented by Blogger AbyNormal, 2:51 AM PDT  

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