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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

we hate what you've done with the place

to our great disappointment, the rachel maddow blog has changed formats, making it almost impossible to load on our ipad. even worse, when/if it finally does load, the top half of the page is all video stories, forcing us to scroll down several scrolls to finally get to steve benen's blog posts, which are all equipped with extra large headlines and big pictures, practically filling up one ipad screen per item. not easy to peruse.

along with greg sargent at the washington post (whose extra-large comment sections, chock full of trolling, makes it interminably long to load), steve will now be relegated to the "bloggers we once read daily but now will only be able to read when we are at our desktop computers what is this 2004?" department.

too bad...
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I don't like it too. They messed with it a couple weeks ago and she managed to get it put straight. Maybe she will again.
commented by Blogger the bewilderness, 7:34 PM PDT  
I agree - the new format forces me to scroll past the video stuff to read Benen's posts.

Not a big fan of it. This is a bad format.
commented by Anonymous Galileo, 7:51 AM PDT  
I agree, completely. I'm disappointed with the new format.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:52 AM PDT  

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