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Thursday, October 03, 2013

He Called the Police

911 Operator (OP): "911. Please state your emergency."

Driver (D): "I'm a substandard driver and I panic under pressure."

OP: "Being a typical tourist is not an emergency, sir."

D: "The thing is, I was driving and a bunch of bikers started weaving around me. Everyone else was letting them pass, but I have a Range Rover, so I just hit three of them and drove on."

OP: You hit three bicyclists? Commissioner Kelly will be proud of you! He's been saying we're under quota all year."

D: "Not bicyclists. Motorcyclists."

OP: "Oh. That might be different. You say you hit three of them?"

D: "Yes, and I want them arrested! Their friends are all chasing me now!"

OP: "So we can call it a motorcycle gang?"

D: "uh. Yeah. Yes, I think so. I'm being chased by a wild motorcycle gang just because I ran over three of them. I want them arrested!."

OP: "That should be no problem, sir. You say you panicked. Did you fear for your life?"

D: "Yes! And my wife and baby's."

OP: "Oh, good! Our best Long Island based, motorcycle-hating policemen will have no problem arresting them and not you. You don't won't in a profession where panic is a bad thing, do you?"

D: "I'm an investment banker."

OP: "Oh, good. I was afraid it might be something that required good judgement. Have a good day, sir."
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