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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

fraud countrywide in america

or rather in bank of america.
a federal jury in manhattan sided with prosecutors who alleged countrywide financial corp. churned out risky home loans in a process called "the hustle" and then sold them to mortgage giants fannie mae and freddie mac.

the calabasas company, once considered the crown jewel of american mortgage lending, made big profits unloading loans that were later rendered worthless during the housing crisis in 2008.
the decision is the first civil fraud verdict against countrywide, and experts said the decision would probably invite more aggrieved investors to sue and could embolden other investigations aimed at countrywide or other banks. - latte times
we are "outraged" at computer software glitches on a program that is meant to help people...
let's see if the public is "outraged" at this blatant corruption that brought our country's economy to the brink and inflicted pain on fellow americans.

oh, and that mofo, angelo mozilo, former head of countrywide has a luxurious spread here in santa barbara. i think it's time to bring back public shaming. you see this criminal walking around the tony streets of montecito, tell him how treasonous he is to sell out his country's economic future. and kick him. hard.

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