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Sunday, October 13, 2013

disasters in the dakotas

1st it was the freak blizzard that hit south dakota, killings hundreds of thousands of cattle.

now it's a huge oil spill in a north dakota wheat field.
a farmer discovered a huge oil spill — several times bigger than the recent mayflower, ark., spill – nearly two weeks ago in north dakota. but because of federal government furloughs, we’re only just learning about it.- grist
why should we care about the dakotas' food?
there was one courageous south dakotan who cared about our nation's food and americans' access to it..

the disasters are too immense for the states to handle themselves. they need the governments help...and quick. senator mcgovern wouldn't call those farmers needing aid.."moochers"...senator mcgovern wouldn't call those needing snap benefits "moochers" like a current south dakotan politico.

if you haven't done so already, call your congresscritters and tell them to grow up and get the government going again. better yet, call senator thune's office and ask him if he has told those farmers affected by the shutdown and the disasters that "they are on their own."

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