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Thursday, September 19, 2013

holy thursday

why wall street is very, very angry with richmond california

mosy companies aren't trimming workers hours for healthcare law

every nuclear reactor in the country should be shut down

la teacher: we don't need ipads, wee need help
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I'm pagan and I get accused of "magical thinking" all the time; but really....buying i-pads instead of other educational spending? THAT is some freaking magical thinking..."computers fix everything, everyONE needs one".

I have an acquaintance whose life is in shreds cause the wage earning man walked out on her, leaving her with a $730 a month disability check and a $1700 a month mortgage payment. What did she do?

She bought a new MacBook Air. Then told me she didnt' have money to get a gallon of milk. Yeah....that strangely volcanic cloud in the Nor'west was likely me....
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