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Sunday, August 18, 2013

skippy's environmental news story sunday

for those pesky little stories you probably didn't hear about on the talking head shows this morning.

are democrats about to fracture over fracking? led by president obama, most democrats have tried to occupy a careful middle ground on the natural-gas industry that's transforming the u.s. energy economy. but that balance might not last much longer. - national journal

uc davis study links chemical bpa to asthma. a study of the fetuses of pregnant rhesus macaque monkeys fed bisphenol a has shown that the exposure to bpa led to changes in their lungs that increased the potential for developing asthma - sac bee

warmer winters have brought a troublesome pest to new jersey: asian tiger mosquitoes. according to a mercer county scientist, the subtropical species can harbor more than 30 viruses that can be dangerous to humans and has been in new jersey since 1995 - trenton times

change in japanese apples blamed on global warming. global warming has subtly altered the taste and texture of japanese apples over the last 40 years, although consumers may not realize it, according to new research - latte times

change in store as ohio warms. bugs are lasting longer, birds are moving north and ice fishing on lake erie is becoming a lot more difficult. ohio is warming, but not just anecdotally. the numbers don't lie - newark advocate

all five of beijing’s major water systems seriously polluted. according to a report by the state environmental agency, the water sources in china’s capital have levels of pollution beyond what is considered safe - epoch times

questions, concern surround plan to store nuclear waste near lake huron. an ontario-owned power company's plan to store nuclear waste within a mile of lake huron is drawing heightened interest in metro detroit - detroit news

fracking and the texas water crisis. with some 30 texas communities in danger of going dry before the end of the year, it's becoming more difficult to ignore the fact that the fracking boom, however welcome, comes at a high cost. It is a powerful drain on local water supplies - houston chronicle

forest shouldn’t be sacrificed for one industrial use. the fracking industry claims that no water contamination has been proven, but families from pennsylvania and west virginia who’ve seen shale gas drilling and fracking come to their communities paint a very different picture of what it can do to drinking water, streams and rural lands - roanoke times

the plight of the honeybee. you can thank the apis mellifera, better known as the western honeybee, for 1 in every 3 mouthfuls you'll eat today. honeybees are the "glue that holds our agricultural system together." but that glue is failing. around 2006, commercial beekeepers began noticing something disturbing: their honeybees were disappearing - time magazine whitehouse finally installing solar panels - treehugger

 firefigthers have been getting their butts kicked. - msnbc/us world news

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