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Saturday, August 31, 2013

saturday night is the loneliest night of the week

the 5 most absurd, self-pitying gripes by the christian right

some pictures from the gast-food strike this week

millions of pounds of meat shipped without being inspected

stand still and get free beer
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Friday, August 30, 2013

another friday night

13 things the government is trying to hide from you

obamacare is gaining traction among the american people

1 in 6 drug prisoners are in jail for pot

anti-vax texas mega-church urges flock to immunize after measels outbreak
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

but then, a week ago last thursday

white supremacists buy up a whole town in north dakota

validating haters is neither civil nor moderate

'medicare for all' would save billions

seriously, fox news?

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

wednesday morning, 3 am

father and 12-year-old son dies when room full of ammunition explodes

obamacare is gaining traction among the american people

even young republicans want health insurance

military removes commander of nuclear weapons unit

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

skippy's tuesday night music club

keep that miley cyrus circus.

i love women who can actually sing.

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beer vs. oil

beer wins.

cheers! at least there is some good news coming out of michigan.
michigan’s bell’s brewery won a decision against enbridge oil thursday night that nixed a proposal the brewery claims would have shut it down for what could have been months. after almost five hours of deliberation, comstock township planning commission rejected enbridge oil’s plan to drop an oil cleanup dredge pad in the lot next to the brewery — and practically in the backyards of some 40 homeowners — and proved that there is still some lingering good in the world.- grist

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higher temperatures

higher food prices.
higher the flares of tempers.
oh, yeah. there are "good times" ahead.
the earth’s rising temperature also affects crop yields indirectly via the melting of mountain glaciers. as the larger glaciers shrink and the smaller ones disappear, the ice melt that sustains rivers, and the irrigation systems dependent on them, will diminish. the continuing loss of mountain glaciers and the resulting reduced meltwater runoff could create unprecedented water shortages and political instability in some of the world’s more densely populated countries. - treehugger

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tuesday's heartbreak

study finds heatwaves now inevitable

texas dept of transportation set to convert paved roads to gravel

more than 57,000 children cut from headstart because of sequester

deadly mystery virus tied to bats in saudi arabia
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Monday, August 26, 2013

skippy's monday night music club

speaking of "fires"

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this cow needs to mooooove away from the fire.

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(tell me why) i don't like mondays

koch brothers give up bid to buy la times

40 top quotes from alec's birthday party in chicago

wisc. dem. infiltrates alec: "they don't want people involved in the political process

but don't worry, if you don't want alec, here's alice, the anti-alec org
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

sunday stroll

a drone of your own

our pal joe gandelman tells us that this is a critical moment in the cable news war

mother of boston bombing suspects was on terrorist watch list

liz cheney: fishgate

and rip star of stage and screen julie harris
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

skippy's saturday night music club

sending a little meditative love yosemite's way.

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yosemite national ... disaster

the rim fire is raging uncontrollably up north...threatening the water and power to the city. where is @karlthefog when you need him.
a wildfire raging along the northwest edge of yosemite national park gained strength saturday morning as firefighters scrambled to protect nearby mountain communities.

...the fire has grown so large and is burning dry timber and brush with such ferocity that it has created its own weather pattern, making it difficult to predict in which direction it will move.

...the fire is burning toward the hetch hetchy reservoir, where san francisco gets 85 percent of its water and power for municipal buildings, the international airport and san francisco general hospital. gov. jerry brown declared a state of emergency because of the threats. - sj mercury news
these firefighters and pilots are awesome.

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saturday night's all right for fighting

is the influence of the christian right beginning to wane?

republicans declare war on working people

veterans call for the firing of va secretary

dr. who and craig ferguson in a punk band!!
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Friday, August 23, 2013

american friday night

9 myths about welfare the right doesn't want you to know the truth about

texas u.s. attorney wrote racist posts on facebook

11 shocking facts about wages

creationist radio ad says dinosaurs were on noah's arc
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

blackout on thursday

skater johnny weir is prepared to be arrested at the russian winter olympics

studies find bmw drivers are really jerks

try the fast food wage calculator

glenn greenwald's article on snooping actually snooped on everyone who clicked it
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

wednesday morning

the u.s. special ops project to exploit your twitter account

capitalism = feudalism

confessions of a climate denier

study shows large acidic change in the world's ocean
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

skippy's tuesday night music club

we are all australians in our heart tonight.

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america - the land of the bored and heartless

where a young promising life can be snuffed out just for the fun of it.

a promising australian student, who was on a baseball scholarship in the united states, was allegedly gunned down by a gang of teenagers in what has been described as a 'senseless attack'. chris lane was returning from a visit to his girlfriend's in the small town of duncan in oklahoma on friday, when he was shot in the back by three teenagers and left to die in the gutter. - daily mail
seriously. what have we become as a nation...as a people?

when will this gun madness stop?

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tuesday's gone

why the pro-choice movement needs to talk about children

good science makes for good health care. only, not so mich at huffpost

has putin ruined the olympics for the rest of us?

marijuana legalization in washington state: the good, the bad, and the ugly
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Monday, August 19, 2013

i don't have to be me (til monday)

skippy alum rj eskow shows us 7 things you want to know about prosecuting wall street

rand paul doesn't know what he's talking about (in charts)

the u.s. military has a problem with atheism

boston priest caught with a prostitute in a graveyard

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

skippy's sunday night music club

have you thanked a farmer lately?

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skippy's environmental news story sunday

for those pesky little stories you probably didn't hear about on the talking head shows this morning.

are democrats about to fracture over fracking? led by president obama, most democrats have tried to occupy a careful middle ground on the natural-gas industry that's transforming the u.s. energy economy. but that balance might not last much longer. - national journal

uc davis study links chemical bpa to asthma. a study of the fetuses of pregnant rhesus macaque monkeys fed bisphenol a has shown that the exposure to bpa led to changes in their lungs that increased the potential for developing asthma - sac bee

warmer winters have brought a troublesome pest to new jersey: asian tiger mosquitoes. according to a mercer county scientist, the subtropical species can harbor more than 30 viruses that can be dangerous to humans and has been in new jersey since 1995 - trenton times

change in japanese apples blamed on global warming. global warming has subtly altered the taste and texture of japanese apples over the last 40 years, although consumers may not realize it, according to new research - latte times

change in store as ohio warms. bugs are lasting longer, birds are moving north and ice fishing on lake erie is becoming a lot more difficult. ohio is warming, but not just anecdotally. the numbers don't lie - newark advocate

all five of beijing’s major water systems seriously polluted. according to a report by the state environmental agency, the water sources in china’s capital have levels of pollution beyond what is considered safe - epoch times

questions, concern surround plan to store nuclear waste near lake huron. an ontario-owned power company's plan to store nuclear waste within a mile of lake huron is drawing heightened interest in metro detroit - detroit news

fracking and the texas water crisis. with some 30 texas communities in danger of going dry before the end of the year, it's becoming more difficult to ignore the fact that the fracking boom, however welcome, comes at a high cost. It is a powerful drain on local water supplies - houston chronicle

forest shouldn’t be sacrificed for one industrial use. the fracking industry claims that no water contamination has been proven, but families from pennsylvania and west virginia who’ve seen shale gas drilling and fracking come to their communities paint a very different picture of what it can do to drinking water, streams and rural lands - roanoke times

the plight of the honeybee. you can thank the apis mellifera, better known as the western honeybee, for 1 in every 3 mouthfuls you'll eat today. honeybees are the "glue that holds our agricultural system together." but that glue is failing. around 2006, commercial beekeepers began noticing something disturbing: their honeybees were disappearing - time magazine whitehouse finally installing solar panels - treehugger

 firefigthers have been getting their butts kicked. - msnbc/us world news

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sunday stripper

how to prove obama lowered the deficit in 4 easy steps

lingerie for the 1%

8 ways privarization has brought pain and misery to american life

16 of your favorite things climate change has screwed up
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

saturday night twist

the corporate agenda is driving thousands of americans to attempt suicide

why the racist history of the charter school movement is never discussed

the business of mass incarceration

"there has to be a multi-racial rap group that raps about conservative themes." doesn't there?
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Friday, August 16, 2013

august 16, 1977

long live the king.


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a few minutes on friday

the real reason the gop hates obamacare

first gay divorce finalized in colorado

is sweden the most gay-friendly country?

an epidemic of bad dental hygiene in nursing homes

and rip blue oyster cult guitarist and co-founfer allen lanier

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

any given thursday

the shady overlap of disease charities and drug companies

here's our buddy, joe gandleman, on the san diego mayor fiasco

study shows spiders have personalities

evolution punishes mean people

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

wednesday mayday

backlash against feminism seeks to preserve the 'manosphere'

american pie chart: wealth and inequality

6 ways rabid republicans are declaring war on america

dead walmart reborn as a library
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

tuesdays in chinatown

food stamp use highest in red states

the texas legislature's sexist little secret

pro-life? the gop supports 9 out of 10 things that cause death in fetuses

rodeo clown who mocked obama is banned for life from pwrforming

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Bringing an Audience to Deserving Bloggers, With Baseball

It's not Reverse Amnesty Day or anything like that, but what's the point of having access to A Major Blog if I cannot promote a blog post by my youngest daughter's kindergarten teacher?

Especially when said Daughter is several years older now, and the blogger in question has rather a way with conveying a character's ebullient personality:

[T]he girl and her grandpa came down and sat a few seats away from me in the same row. The girl could not contain herself she was so enthusiastic! She remarked on how empty the stands were but told her grandpa she was so happy that they got there early so that he could get her such great seats.

She knew so much about baseball! She followed every play of the game. She cheered for the players by their numbers or their names. She yelled to the umpire when the fans thought he missed a play at the plate. She knew all of the terms and even cheered for the player who made a “pick off” to cause an out.

Throughout the game, she kept telling her grandpa just how happy she was and I heard her thank him over and over again. Partially through the game, she began talking to me. She told me her name and asked me mine. She introduced me to her grandpa. She asked me why they did not have many fans there, (to which I had no answer). She told me that she was from Pennsylvania and was visiting her grandpa while her parents were on a vacation. She told me all of the fun things they had been doing. She told me about her school and she was not there because it was summer I told her that I was a teacher and I was not there for the same reason.

She smiled through the whole game and it was contagious.

Ah, to be young and alive again. Or to be able to convey the same.

Go Read The Whole Thing.
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home on monday

polar bear dies from climate change

u.s. has enough empty houses to hold all of britain

sexual assaults unchecked as defense dept. ducks reform

fighting back against the police state
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

sunday shining

thanks to recycling, sweden has run out of garbage

the scandal attention cycle

2012 was one of the warmest years on record

trader joes proves low worker pay is a choice, not a necessity

and rip great singer edie gorme
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Saturday, August 10, 2013

saturday night (so i married an axe murderer)

fish die as alaskan temps break records

detroit manager thinks union workers are "dumb, lazy, happy and rich"

military sexual assault: it's the culture

how h.g. wells created hobby war gaming

and rip prolific and always-entertaining actress karen black
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Friday, August 09, 2013

thank god it's friday

former la county gop director arrested for sending sexually-explicit messages to under-age girl

pennsylania insurers want to join obamacare exchanges

nurses explain obamacare in 90 seconds

while the big lie goes after obamacare
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Thursday, August 08, 2013

skippy's thursday night music club

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the crocodile hunter's dad

is fighting for australia's coral reef.
earlier this year, the australian marine conservation society and world wildlife foundation australia launched a multi-million dollar campaign, bankrolled by australian philanthropist david thomas, featuring the elder irwin. it asks australians to help protect the great barrier reef from rapid industrialization, including the construction of new ports, dredging, dumping and increased shipping. the campaign is meant to highlight the growing concern among australians and the broader international community about the scale and speed of development along the reef’s coastline. - think progress

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in honor of shark week

info "bite" for the day....

did you know that julia child's first recipe was for...shark repellent?

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bee afraid

very very afraid...for the bees.
bee populations are so low in the us that it now takes 60% of the country’s surviving colonies just to pollinate one california crop, almonds. and that’s not just a west coast problem—california supplies 80% of the world’s almonds, a market worth $4 billion. - quartz

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another late thursday

"almost all economic pundrity is moralizing in disguise"

sexual assault unchecked as defense department ducks reform

court strikes down arkansas law to arm teachers

schroedinger's cat comes alive in new experiments
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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

wednesday lover

young voters think climate change deniers are "crazy" and "out of touch"

judge orders police to return $1 million seized based on a dog sniff

mind rape and the christian right

poll finds a majority of americans think the war in afghanistan is absolutely useless

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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

tuesday's dead

u.s. government is the biggest offender for giving away veterans' jobs

the 10 worst terror attacks by christians and white men

meanwhile, the boston bomber had literature about white supremacy and gun rights

how to build your own tardis

and you kniw who doesn't need to build his own tardis? peter capaldi, the new doctor who
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Monday, August 05, 2013

here's monday

vets and suicide: even worse than we thought

judge sentensed to 28 years for sending kids to jail for $$$

10 words you've probably been misusing

how to seem racist
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Sunday, August 04, 2013

sunday papers

want to reduce abortions? stop electing republicans

growing anger among detroit workers against attcks on pensions & services

the mythical political center

trouble sleeping during a full moon is not a myth
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Saturday, August 03, 2013

saturday night special

100 of the greatest opening sentences in literature

totally random and obscure laws that actually exist

multi-national greed is de-stabilizing countries all over the globe

apparently dogs do see in color
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Friday, August 02, 2013

About that "Decline" in CNN...

There has been a bit of breast-beating among the blogsphere about how CNN has become shite. A few weeks ago, it was All Zimmerman, even as trains crashed and wars broke out. (See here
and here, for instance.)

I'm just not convinced it has changed that much. As the Most Profound Philosopher of Our Generation observed almost twelve years ago (late October 2001):

I'm just a singer of simple songs
I'm not a real political man
I watch CNN but I'm not sure I can tell
You the difference in Iraq and Iran

Less than eighteen months later, the Bush Administration was able to exploit that confusion and shift from attacking terrorism to attacking sovereign entities and its own people.

It's not that CNN has stopped doing their job so much, perhaps, as that they never did.

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sumter county friday night

fox news popularity is in serious jeopardy

why have gun sales dropped so much?

the real number of hours that teachers work

computer program can recognize individual wolves by their howls
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Thursday, August 01, 2013

rip doghouse riley

we mentioned the passing of blogger doug case yesterday, but, as usual, roy edroso puts it better than we ever could.

not to get too maudlin about life and such portentous matters, but our "rest in peace" category on our sidebar is growing far too large for us to snark about. we dearly miss our compatriots:

jim capozzola
doug case
steve gilliard
aaron hawkins
melanie mattson
al weisel, aka jon swift

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thursday's child

jenny mccarthy's anti-vax fear mongering

college students vs. the corporate machine

the animals with the longest lifespan

the perodic table of elements in pictures
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