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skippy the bush kangaroo

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

let them eat....nothing

yep. that's the gop plan.
the $20.5 billion in food stamp cuts that wasn't enough cutting for many house republicans would kick more than 5 million people out of the program, according to a new report from the health impact project. of that 5 million, more than 500,000 are currently suffering from food insecurity despite getting food stamps, and another 160,000 to 305,000 people could become food insecure as a result of the cuts. that's a whole lot of people who would go hungry as a direct result of cuts that, let's repeat, are not big enough for many house republicans.

if you are, republican-like, tempted to think "sure, people will go hungry, but we'll save money," consider this: no, we won't. increased food insecurity and increased poverty would raise the risk of many illnesses, raising health care costs. - daily kos

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