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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7 wtf moments from the zimmerman circus

think progress has them broken down from one of the jurists interviews with gloria vanderbuilt's cute little boy...

1) martin was responsible for his own death
2) juror felt just as sorry for zimmerman
3) zimmerman should continue to serve as a neighborhood watchman because he has learned his lesson about going too far
4) verdict hinged on “stand your ground” law, even though zimmerman did not use it in his defense
5) zimmerman was only guilty of using poor judgment and was “egged” on to follow martin by the 9/11 operator.
6) race played absolutely no factor in zimmerman’s profiling of martin
7) zimmerman’s history of reporting black men to the police and his decision to follow martin played no role in the verdict

i, simply, am at a loss of words at this.

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I have lots of words for it, but almost all of them scare the children and the dogs.
commented by Anonymous Syrbal/Labrys, 11:11 AM PDT  
Nemesis presides over the court of poetic justice. The murderer Zimmerman will not escape that judge.
commented by Blogger D., 12:41 PM PDT  

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