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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

skippy's wednesday night music club

a nod to that whacky fun city to the north...portlandia!


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tweet of the day

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let them eat....nothing

yep. that's the gop plan.
the $20.5 billion in food stamp cuts that wasn't enough cutting for many house republicans would kick more than 5 million people out of the program, according to a new report from the health impact project. of that 5 million, more than 500,000 are currently suffering from food insecurity despite getting food stamps, and another 160,000 to 305,000 people could become food insecure as a result of the cuts. that's a whole lot of people who would go hungry as a direct result of cuts that, let's repeat, are not big enough for many house republicans.

if you are, republican-like, tempted to think "sure, people will go hungry, but we'll save money," consider this: no, we won't. increased food insecurity and increased poverty would raise the risk of many illnesses, raising health care costs. - daily kos

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cookies have the power to do many things

like, say, ease broken hearts.

cookies, however, can not re-establish women's rights in north carolina.

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wednesday like a river

watch 62 years of global warming in 13 seconds

archeologists have found king david's palace

how soon will the christian left replace the christian right?

and rest in peace great character actress eileen brennan.

also, we mourn the loss of one of our own: blogropia is a little bit less witty with the passing of the proprietor or bats left, throws right, blogger doug case, aka doghouse riley

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fifty shades of....

red. or as the london fire peeps tweet it...#fiftyshadesofred
following record numbers of non-emergency related callouts between 2012 and 2013, the london fire brigade has started using their twitter account to prompt people to think carefully before dialling 999.
using the twitter handle @londonfire, the brigade has started sending out a series of tweets including top tips and examples of bizarre callouts, designed to encourage people to think of the potential consequences of their actions:
 “2nd top tip of the day: don’t put your manhood into a spanner. yep, we were called to that too.”
calling the fire brigade when stuck in a painful situation is apparently quite common, inciting the use of the hashtag “ouch”: - euronews

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

skippy's tuesday night music

rip jj cale.

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the long awaited obama pivot to jobs

consists of tax cuts for corporations.

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tuesday's dead

5 reasons why more americans don't protest

how to talk to someone about privilege who doesn't know what that is

federally funded study proves marijuana safe & efdecrive as medicien

good news! people still like libraries!
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Monday, July 29, 2013

happy mondays

conservatives are terrified by america's rising tide of liberalism

study finds women happier than men after divorce

american family association: americans have a patriotic duty to worship god

social media can help stave off senility
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

sunday on saturn

a planet orbiting a nearby star is earthly blue

speaking of blue, maybe #uniteblue isn't so blue after all...

growing number of states report lower than expected health care premiums

and rip song writer musician jj cale
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

saturday night shoot out

former climate reporter alleges reuters was hostile to publishing global warming stories

7-year old sends letter to nasa asking how to be an astronaut; nasa replies

obama promises disappear from the web

it's the goodyear zeppelin!
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Friday, July 26, 2013

she left me on friday

huge dead zone predicted in gulf of mexico this year

bachpack filled with sex toys creates bomb scare at wal-mart

bacteria communicate with each other to help resist anti-biotics

and rip half of the famed sex research team masters & johnson, virginia johnson
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

thursday nite goddess

outrage is rising against stand your ground

the 10 most dangerous places to be a woman in america

property values dropped, property values didn't

lucky fan catches four foul balls at one ball game
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

wednesday jam

more major sponsors sail away from rush limbaugh

world's oldest calendar found in scottish field

collecting rainwater now illegal in many states

how christian fundamentalist homeschooling hurts kids

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

skippy's tuesday night music club

ode to the big city of my parents.

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what a dick

seriously, anthony. really? you're running for freakin' mayor of new york...

and you are sexting young women again?

you, too, can get your own "carlos danger" pseudo handle...here.

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npr = no politics radio

readers of this space will remember our fondness for author (and former gov't covert worker) barry eisler (our reviews of fault line, inside out and the detachment).

we were directed by jay rosen's tweet to barry's latest opus, an essay at fdl about how national public radio edited the hell out of him to eliminate all semblance of reality, lest it show somebody in a bad light:

npr wasn’t objecting to my argument (nineteen eighty-four’s political warning is relevant today); they were objecting to my evidence (tom friedman et al’s mistakes are disposed of as though via a memory hole; npr and other named organizations are using government-approved orwellian language). this matters not only because an argument’s persuasiveness depends (at least to a rational audience) on what evidence is offered in support. it matters too because preferences like the ones ms. krule expressed tend to reveal an otherwise hidden media ideology, one more important and insidious than the left/right labels that are the dominant — and distracting — prism by which we generally classify people’s politics. if you want to understand the politics of npr and other such organizations, forget for a moment left/right, and focus instead on what might loosely be called an establishment ideology, for npr is an establishment media player following establishment media norms…

at the government’s urging, npr has adopted orwellian speech. it prefers to suppress this decision rather than debate it. it extends its injunction to similar decisions of peer organizations — specifically, the new york times, usa today, wall street journal, and washington post. no matter how outlandishly wrong and destructive a pundit’s predictions have been subsequently proven, npr believes it unacceptably indecorous for the pundit in question to be held accountable by name. generally speaking, npr is okay with evidence that might loosely be classified as "what," while being not at all okay with evidence that might loosely be classified as "who." i can’t think of any media behaviors more revealing than these of an establishment ideology and bias.
while we are not surprised, we are perturbed. more and more all media have become the mouthpiece for the establishment, and it's getting harder to hear dissenting voices.

barry points out that blogtopia (and yes, we coined that phrase!) is one place you can still hear/read opposing views, and for that we are happy, and a wee bit proud to be part of it. (and proud to have coined it, too!)

[ed note: we are big fans of barry's edge-of-your-seat plotting and his thrillers. be sure to check out his latest, london twist, available exclusively at the kindle store!]
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tuesday's child

hospitals - a place people go to get even sicker

don't fence us out of our public lands

21% of homes are responsible for 50% of greenhouse gases

and rip actor dennis farina

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Margaret Sullivan Is An Optimist--or Innumerate


His entire probability-based way of looking at politics ran against the kind of political journalism that The Times specializes in: polling, the horse race, campaign coverage, analysis based on campaign-trail observation, and opinion writing, or "punditry," as he put it, famously describing it as "fundamentally useless." Of course, The Times is equally known for its in-depth and investigative reporting on politics. [emphases added]

Pull the other one, love. I'll take one Iraq War, with an Iranian chaser, please.

(via--who else?--Charles Pierce)
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goodbye blue monday

5 gorgeous landmarks threatened by rising seas

new bird flu could spark a new pandemic

oldest known writing discovered in china

15 surprisingly dangerous animals
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

sunday night is fair

former republican strategist: the gop needs to de-kookify itself

wal-mart doesn't want you to see these true stories from its employees

elizabeth warren and john mccain introduce bill to break up big banks

5,000 military families slated to lose food stamps

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

skippy's saturday night music club

house bringing down the house edition.

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speramus meliora; resurget cineribus

this isn't the first time detroit has found itself in dire straits. after all, look at them words on the city's flag: aperamus meliora; resurget cineribus. father gabriel richard spoke those words after the city burned to the ground in 1805. they mean: "we hope for better things; it will rise from the ashes."

Photo: Don't panic. This isn't the first time Detroit has found itself in dire straits. After all, look at them words on our flag: Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus. Father Gabriel Richard spoke those words after the city burned to the ground in 1805. They mean: "We hope for better things; it will rise from the ashes." Detroit has picked itself off the ground, dusted itself off and achieved better things before. It can do it again. These are dark days - but what about Detroit's track record for comebacks would have you doubting that it can do it again? So hang in there, Detroit. Things will get better. -d.a.

but in these days of vulture capitalism, can it? will the banks and the 1 %ers let it?

the vultures are already looking to abscond with the city's art.

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saturday night riot

papajohn, applebee's pay huge price for anti-obamacare politicking

citizens united and the new normal

the charade of darrell issa

5 differences between democrats and republicans

and rest in peace barrier-busting pioneer journalist helen thomas
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Friday, July 19, 2013

skippy's friday night music club

presidential talk to the nation version....

it really shouldn't matter if you 're black or white...

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party people, friday night

11 myths about the economy that are destroying america

sci-fi writer orson scott card calls for tolerance towards his bigoted, anti-gay views

on the cover of the rolling stone

and big congrats to mike finnegan, who has always been a good friend to this blog by featuring us often in mike's blog round up, for having his band, the phantom blues band, inducted into blues band hall of fame

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we'd lie if we said this wrote itself, but still, it had to be done...

 photo rolling-stone-dzhokhar-tsarnaev-cover-2.jpg

apologies to dr. hook, as well as his medicine show

well we're big neo cons
and we never feel wrong
when throw right wing hissy fits
and we're never very blase screaming loud about benghazi
and voting rights are just the pits
now it always thrills us when ya
say obama comes from kenya
but the thing that makes bitch and moan
it's unbalanced, it's unfairest
when they put that muslim terr'ist
on the cover of rolling stone

rolling stone
gotta hate that picture of the bomber
bet he buys 5 copies for his mommer
gotta hate his scowling face
on the cover of the rolling stone

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

skippy's thursday night music club

let them listen to cake...on the google campus.

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mcdonalds tells their employees to budget

and gives them a sample on how to do it...however... they basically said you can't live on with what they pay and you'd need a second job...and they budgeted that in for you. and, if you notice, they assume that their workers can't afford to eat...it's not budgeted.

Real budgets as filled out by actual employees of McDonald's.
(h/t - consumerist)

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jp morgan pooched over californians

and now wants to just settle the whole matter for pennies to their billions. tell me again why these financial terrorists aren't in jail?
the nation’s largest bank, which has previously clashed with its regulators, is seeking to settle with the federal agency that oversees the energy markets, according to people briefed on the matter. the regulator, the federal energy regulatory commission, found that jpmorgan devised “manipulative schemes” that transformed “money-losing power plants into powerful profit centers,” a commission document said.

the potential deal, the people said, is expected to cost the bank about $500 million, a record for the commission, which has adopted a harder line with wall street over the last year. for jpmorgan, which reported a record $6.5 billion quarterly profit last week, the fine will hardly dent the bottom line..

....like barclays, jpmorgan faces accusations stemming from its rights to sell electricity from power plants. the rights come from assets the bank accumulated in the 2008 takeover of bear stearns.

but soon after the acquisition, the plants became a losing business that relied on “inefficient” and outdated technology. under “pressure to generate large profits,” investigators said in the march document, traders in houston devised a solution. adopting eight different “schemes” between september 2010 and june 2011, the traders offered the energy at prices “calculated to falsely appear attractive” to state energy authorities. the effort prompted authorities in california and michigan to pay about $83 million in “excessive” payments to jpmorgan, the investigators said.

...after california authorities began to object to the bank’s trading strategy, ms. masters “personally participated in jpmorgan’s efforts to block” the state authorities “from understanding the reasons behind jpmorgan’s bidding schemes,” the regulator, known as ferc, said. - deal book

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thursday night blues

scientists discover the molecule that causes itchiness

are corporations trying to distract us with social issues while they take over the economy?

conservatives have a bigger "fear center" in their brains

backyard chickens dumped at shelters when hipsters can't cope
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

wednesday girl

legal abortion safer than giving birth

stevie wonder will not play florida or any other state with stand your ground laws

the snags, snares and snafus of covering the u.s. miltary

after controversy, mcdonalds drops compulsory payroll cards
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In Honor of The Great American Pastime

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7 wtf moments from the zimmerman circus

think progress has them broken down from one of the jurists interviews with gloria vanderbuilt's cute little boy...

1) martin was responsible for his own death
2) juror felt just as sorry for zimmerman
3) zimmerman should continue to serve as a neighborhood watchman because he has learned his lesson about going too far
4) verdict hinged on “stand your ground” law, even though zimmerman did not use it in his defense
5) zimmerman was only guilty of using poor judgment and was “egged” on to follow martin by the 9/11 operator.
6) race played absolutely no factor in zimmerman’s profiling of martin
7) zimmerman’s history of reporting black men to the police and his decision to follow martin played no role in the verdict

i, simply, am at a loss of words at this.

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the gavinator

gets a little nod, and a little rib jabbing, from the latte times. "gavin newsom 'was' a rising star..."

for more than two years, gavin newsom has suffered the indignities of being the state's second-in-command. his ideas about economic development and education are routinely ignored. he chairs a commission that's met only once. on the rare occasions he subs for the chief executive, protocol dictates he not make headlines. (in april, when gov. jerry brown was in china, newsom boldly declared a state vegetable. and fruit. and grain.) - the latte times

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bachmann again belittles the president

and refers to him like a little "boy" by suggesting that congress needs to give the president a spanking and take that magic wand out of his hands.

thanks right wing watch

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tuesday session

misrepresenting women's views on abortion

inventing race riots

judge rules statue of jesus in not religious

the 147 companies that control everything
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Monday, July 15, 2013

new ingredients

 photo a227813d-a16d-4f49-aaab-5e246fcfeed4.jpg
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gloomy monday morning

why austerity kills

george zimmerman hooes to get a job on fox news after acquittal

35 founding father quotes conservative christians will hate

the 10 cities that will be hardest hit by climate change
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

sunday night

10 things paul ryan doesn't want you to know

corporations exploiting temp workers to cut costs

creepers at cons

and such sad news: rip tunch, john cole's beloved cat over @ balloon juice

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

saturday night party

two texas women sue rangers for 'unconstitutional' roadside cavity searches

the high cost of childbirth in america

disney characters that meake cameos in other disney films

12 old words that only survive in idioms
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Friday, July 12, 2013

on a friday

10 car options the law won't let you have

irish pensioners at the breaking point because of austerity

alec's role in dismantling public schools

violence as a disease
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

thursday night

gop finds a way to alienate another constituency

study confirms obamacare mandate will reduce abortion rate

christian polling group finds atheists divorce less than christians

have scientists discovered a new species of killer whale?
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

skippy's wednesday night music club

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wednesday evening blues

the middle eastern plague that could go global

how taxpayers are revolting against privatization

zach green of unite blue worked for the tea party

can facebook lead to psychosis?
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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

skippy's tuesday night music club

wearing zoot suits is still illegal in los angeles....

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say hello

to the branding monster daily
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good thing they stopped torturing people

at guantanamo bay.
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tuesday night music club

"i spent 8 years as a liberal working for fox news

alec - screwing you one paycheck at a time

the 21 most endangered rivers in america

lost mayan city found in mexican jungle
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Monday, July 08, 2013

skippy's monday night music club

gaga goes x-files.

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bee aware

we need bees.
the usda estimates that about one in every three bites of food is either directly or indirectly made possible because of bee pollination.

almonds — for which california alone produces 80% of the world’s supply — are entirely dependent on honeybee pollination during bloom time. - buzzfeed.

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roswell - 66 years ago

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fear of koch

the koch brothers are paying big bucks to spread fear of the new healthcare law. they want to kill obamacare. they want to americans to die.
the conservative advocacy group americans for prosperity, bankrolled by the billionaire koch brothers, is spending more than $1 million in an ad blitz aimed at undermining confidence in the law. in a new television spot that will first air in ohio and virginia before expanding to other states, the group suggests that obamacare will limit americans' health care choices while raising their insurance premiums.

...In addition to this ad, americans for prosperity has also launched a companion website, obamacareriskfactors.com, that contains ominous warnings about how the law could alter people's existing health insurance.
meanwhile, where are the democrats informing people of what is involved in the affordable healthcare act. nothing but crickets, really. - the week

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funky monday

documents show fbi planned to kill 'occupy' leaders if necessary

man replaces confederate flag w/nazi flag until obama is impeached

popular resistance is building up, from hunger strikes to democracy protests across the globe

the 10 dumbest things ever said about global warming
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Sunday, July 07, 2013

sunday morning song

archbishop of milwaukee moved $57 million off the books to keep it from sex abuse victims

walmart employees subsidized by american taxpayers

76% of americans are living paycheck to paycheck

dim lighting sparks creativity
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Saturday, July 06, 2013

saturday night out

the new young atheists

more wealth than ever - but most don't feel it

is therenreally an irs scandal? not so much...

why should taxpayers foot the bill for alec legislator's travel expenses?

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Friday, July 05, 2013

mr. friday night

5 reasons cops want to legalize marijuana

5 ways you can fight back against the banksters

rare orange lobster caught in the bay of fundy

man creates 'invisible headphines' by implanting magnets in his ear
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Thursday, July 04, 2013

skippy's thursday night music club

the song that always gets me misty.

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happy birthday

hanover, new hampshire. july 4, 1761.

my childhood hometown.

bartlett tower, shown below, was literally in my backyard. i used to climb the tower all the time...look out at the green valley and the connecticut river separating vermont from new hampshire. july 4th was filled with sparklers, watermelon, hamburgers on the grill and the small town independence day parade, where the firemen would hoist up us little kids onto the hook and ladder and drive us around the common.

these days, i fear we celebrate the "brand" america and not the heart of what our country once was.

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And We Sing An American Tune

Disclaimer: Not affiliated with Skippy's Music Club.

Emmylou is touring with Rodney Crowell. That's great; he was probably the best writer for her ("Ashes by Now," "Leaving Louisiana"), is a fine singer in his own right, and was the inspiration, as it were, for Rosanne Cash's biggest hit, "Seven Year Ache."

But in the realm of "what if"s, it would be nice if she were still able to tour with the man who gave her a start.

Happy Americana! We miss you, Lowell George.

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thursday morning

hemp-made flag to fly over capitol today

claire mccaskill says there is no war on men

record sales for smith & wesson

and a scary new sci-fi novel imagines president sarah palin

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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

wednesday car

daryl issa made nearly 60 million dollars in 2012

the united states of alec

johnny depp and armie hammer, stars of the new film the lone ranger, both have historical family roots in american justice

and congratulations to echidne of the snakes, who celebrates her 10,000th post!

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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

skippy's tuesday night music club

for those where's snowden rumours out there....

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drug addict rush limbaugh lives in florida

coinkydink? you decide.
earlier this summer, the drug enforcement agency slapped walgreens with a substantial $80 million settlement over allegations that the drugstore chain had allowed an ocean of prescription painkillers to hit the black market in florida. now, between revelations from the local police and uncovered dea documents, the public is finally getting an idea of just how bad the problem was, and how much walgreens turned a blind eye to illegal activity at its stores. - consumerist

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where's snowden?

who in blazes knows. soviet union? bolivia? airport? the rumour mill is going full tilt. 

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tuesday night fever

unsettled thoughts on the surveillance state, part one and part two

how the 1% of the 1% dominate our elections

telescope slated to allow net surfers to view the earth from the moon

and rip black martial arts hero and star of films including "enter the dragon," jim kelly

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Monday, July 01, 2013

fell in love on monday

mormon mom who worked on prop 8 now fights for gay son

cities that take environmental action see measurable economic and health benefits

if you write an article about the dangers of chemistry, make sure you know something about chemistry

how costly is confronting sexist speech?
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