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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

wendy davis

when u.s. senators faint at the thought of doing a fillibuster, it takes a courageous texas state senator to fight for women with a marathon fillibuster in austin tonight. thank you wendy davis for standing up against the republicans in their war on women's reporductive rights. #istandwithwendydavis.

a texas senator, wendy davis, spoke for 10 hours and 45 minutes in an attempt to filibuster the bill. when procedural motions brought by republican opponents forced her to stop speaking, other democratic colleagues attempted to run down the clock.

 in one procedural tussle, just after 11.45pm, senator leticia van de putte asked what a female member had to do to be heard over a male senator. the comment prompted the public gallery, which had been filling up during the evening, to erupt. the cheers delayed a final vote on the bill to the stroke of midnight.- the guardian

it's 12:15, and the state senate of texas did or did not vote to pass senate bill 5. gop senators say yes; dems say it was an illegal, post-midnight vote. thousands of people at capitol are loudly protesting, alternating shouts of "wendy" (for sen. wendy davis) with cries of "shame!" some senators are still in the chamber; it's not clear what will happen next.

#standwithwendy became the hash-tag of the day, the entire country was riveted by the proceedings, more than 100,000 people nationwide were watching by the end of the day. we have not heard the end of this story.- austin chronicle
sen. john witmire, d-houston, says the bill passed at 12:02 a.m.; if that's true, the vote may not withstand legal scrutiny. "it's pretty conclusive that it didn't pass," said whitmire. - texas tribune

wendy davis couldn't eat, drink, sit down, lean, pee, or stop talking because rules are rules, but the gop can call a vote after midnight? 

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