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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

starbucks...refugee for protesters

who knew? usually there are protesters against the big green coffee machine...but this time, in turkey, it opens up its doors to protesters.
usually big corporate entities are the target of protests, but in turkey, one seattle-based company has become an unlikely refuge for anti-government demonstrators who've been occupying taksim square.

christan leonard is a university of washington graduate, journalist and photographer who is now working out of Istanbul and covering the protests in turkey.

she says starbucks has become an unlikely ally of the demonstrators. leonard says starbucks has welcomed demonstrators with "coffee to anyone who wanted it. free use of their restrooms which normally you have to pay for in turkey, and they even provided first aid to protesters. so they were able to help protesters who came in with minor injuries." - mynorthwest.com
good for 'buckos!

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