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Monday, June 10, 2013

some kids go hungry in summer

and, although the rethuglicans in d.e. think that is just fine and dandy, the usda is trying to help...and trying to make people aware of the situation...and urging people to take action. because if kids don't eat...they don't get the nutrition they need. when they don't get they nutrition they need, they don't learn as well. when they don't learn as well, they can't score well on required tests. when they don't score well on required tests, teachers are blamed and taken to task for not being able to teach, when it really isn't their fault their students can't learn because they don't eat.
"usda's summer feeding initiative supports programs that keep children active and engaged when school is out, reducing learning loss that often occurs during the summer months," said vilsack. "we must do all we can to ensure that children get nutritious food year-round, so that they are ready to learn during the school year and have a greater chance to succeed."

usda continues working with first lady michelle obama on the let's move! initiative, which is helping to promote healthy eating and physical activity while supporting the health of american families. through the combined efforts of usda and its partners, the united states is beginning to see progress and improvements in the health of our nation's children. - usda

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