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Sunday, June 16, 2013

environmental news stories sunday

some of those pesky stories that might not have gotten to the front page...above the fold.

some great listening from best of the left - #719 400 parts per million.

water wars: who controls the flow? rivers don't follow political boundaries — they flow through states and over international borders. so what are our legal rights when it comes to water? and who decides? there are two doctrines that govern surface water rights in the u.s. — one for the west and one for the east - all things considered

is bpa making girls obese? a kaiser permanente study suggests bpa, which leaches out from things like food cans, some plastic packaging, and even cashier's receipts, could increase the risk for obesity in preteen girls - mother jones

al gore presses obama on power plant carbon rules, calls keystone "atrocity". al gore is urging president obama to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants, a step the white house has not publicly embraced to date - the hill

we deserve to know what's in our food, despite what monsanto says. what the biotech industry is pushing is much different than the gradual selection of preferable traits by food growers. what we're observing now is a whole lot of dead bees, as well as an increase in food allergies and serious human diseases - syracuse post standard

how climate change makes wildfires worse - grist

winery adapting to climate change. a new report suggests that by the year 2050 as much as half of south africa’s wine growing region will no longer be able to grow grapes as a result of climate change - living on earth

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