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Monday, June 03, 2013

crying like a church on monday

more soldiers are being discharged for misconduct than any time in history including those with pstd

5 reasons ronald reagan couldn't make it in today's gop

grassroot voters need to defeat wall-street owned dems

walmart thought man kidnapped his own kids because they're biracial
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Reagan was an empty bag into which his handlers poured speeches.

Ronnie would fit right in with the tea party because he would be fed the talking points they cherish.
commented by Anonymous Buzzcook, 11:08 PM PDT  
Hey Buzzcook,

Remember stagflation, interest rates north of 20%, gas lines and the cold war? If so, you can thank Reagan and his policies for ending them.

If not, you can still thank Reagan for ending them.
commented by Anonymous Ghoulardi, 8:37 AM PDT  
lol giving reagan credit for ending the cold war is like giving your grumpy dad credit for the neighbor's fatal heart attack
commented by Blogger skippy, 9:00 PM PDT  
The cold war began thawing in the 70's`and 80's due to a stagnating Russian economy. Many factors but, that economy plus the visions of Reagan and Gorbachev ended the cold war.

Oh, and there were no wars during Reagan's years in the White House. And his policies began an economy that expanded for over 17 years with only a minor dip in the '90's.

Pesky facts
commented by Anonymous Ghoulardi, 5:38 PM PDT  

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