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Sunday, June 30, 2013

image of the day

6 old white geezers overlook ohio governor john kasich signing radical restrictions on women's health.

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environmental news stories sunday

for those little pesky stories you probably didn't hear on the talking head shows this morning....but should have.

gmos in italian artisan foods: traditions impacted by biotech? parmesan cheese and other beloved italian food exports give the issue of genetically modified organisms in Italy international breadth. though gm crops are banned from italian fields, much of the country’s livestock is fed with gm soy imported from brazil and argentina - epoch times

records break as heat wave intensifies; 122 in palm springs. more records broke saturday as a heat wave kept its grips on california and the west. according to the national weather service, several desert and inland empire communities set new records for this day of the year - latimes

human-caused global warming behind record hot australian summer. australia's summer of 2012 was known as "the angry summer," with record heat, extreme bush fires and flooding striking the nation in quick succession - scientific american

governor: we must prepare infrastructure for changing climate. gov. andrew cuomo said saturday he has no doubt man-made global warming is real and all levels of government must invest in more robust infrastructure to deal with the uptick of extreme weather events - glen falls post star

los alamos lab tests plan to treat chromium-laced water. los alamos national laboratory is testing a plan to remove chromium that has contaminated groundwater underneath motandad canyon for years. the canyon is a drinking-water source for los alamos - santa fe new mexican

finally, a turning point on climate change. obama’s speech made it clear that the nation is moving forward with serious, substantive measures to fight climate change. the speech should have marked a turning point for republicans and stuck-in-place democrats such as manchin, too. - minneapolis star tribune

penalty must be heavy. pacific gas &  electric's role in the 2010 san bruno gas pipeline explosion deserves the strongest possible penalty, and should ensure that shareholders — not ratepayers — pay a steep price for the safety upgrades the company should have invested in previously - fresno bee

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19 firefighters lose their life

protecting the public. just horrific news. our thoughts and prayers go out to their families, friends and communities.
nineteen arizona firefighters were killed in the yarnell hill fire in the town of yarnell late sunday afternoon, said the incident command post. eighteen of the victims were from the prescott granite mountain hot shots, fire officials said. it's not known where the other victim was based. - kpho

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sunday morning nightmare

food stamp use highest in red states

how the hum of a coffee shop can increase creativity

the fight for secularism in turkey

the family research council needs to learn about freudian slips

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

another saturday night (and i ain't got nobody)

nih to retire most chimps from medical research

ceo's make 237 times the pay of the average worker

how the republicans made america a top poverty creator

are msnbc viewers possessed by demons?
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Friday, June 28, 2013

skippy's friday night music club

a little stevie...a little sting....a lot of soul on stage

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if you're unemployed in north carolina

you are so being pooched by the republicans....
life gets tougher as of sunday for over 400,000 out of work tarheels as a set of unprecedented cuts to jobless benefits passed by north carolina republicans in february take effect. the bill didn’t just shorten the length of state-funded unemployment insurance, as several states have done. it also cut the level of weekly benefit payments, violating a provision of the federal unemployment insurance program and leaving the state ineligible for federal jobless funds. - talking points memo

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livin' it up (friday night)

the 10 worst science web sites

stalagmites could help understand climate change

the world food prize, brought to you by monsanto

u.s. conference of mayors tells feds to respect local marijuana laws

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

skippy's thursday night music club

a little rockin' and a rollin' with mr. berry

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a shaggy story

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i could see monsanto making this ad


it's actually a very snarkfilled video from greenpeace.

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who is watching you

can you believe that it could be your tv or gaming device? verizon isn't content with "can you hear me now"....they want to "see you now."

a couple of lawmakers say that people should know if their electronic devices can watch them undress, pick their nose or scratch their groins, among other things. and, yes....there is a bi-partisan bill brought forth.

the bill, called the we are watching you act of 2013, would prohibit video service operators from collecting visual or audio data from the vicinity of the device without express permission from the consumer. tor viewers that opt in, the monitoring company would have to display a "we are watching you" message on the screen and provide to the consumer what types of information is being collected and how it will be used.

while such big brother tv monitoring hasn't yet been deployed, verizon last year filed a patent for monitoring technology that would use infrared cameras and microphones to track and collect consumer behavior in the vicinity of a tv or mobile device. according to the patent application, the technology could detect ambient action, like people eating, exercising, reading, sleeping and more.

"this may sound preposterous but it's neither a joke nor an exaggeration," capuano said in a statement. "these dvrs would essentially observe consumers as they watch television as a way to super-target ads. it is an incredible invasion of privacy." - adweek

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thursday afternoon

suicide now claims more lives than vehicular accidents

the term 'illegal alien' is going out of style

what congress and the media are missing about food stamps

what is skeuomorphism?
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full text of my letter to sen. wendy davis

thank you

you were great
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

whip it good

rest in peace devo drummer alan myers, the human metronome (first devo you see in this clip)
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skippy's wednesday music club

here's to you nelson mandela

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tweet of the day

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is scalia sundowning?

i don't know. but this guy is really going of the deep end. even deeper than before.
"it is one thing for a society to elect change; it is another for a court of law to impose change by adjudging those who oppose it hostes humani generis, enemies of the human race." woah, there, buddy! did anyone actually call you an enemy of the human race? touchy, touchy. - the american prospect
talking points memo has the top 10 rage quotes from scalia that really get you scratching your head and uttering...wtf....

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wednesday blonde

how to fix your job

joe gandelman tells us about bigotry and america's got talent

what to ask about your retirement

what could bebmore democratic than spying on everybody?
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skippy's tuesday night music club

the ghosts of mississippi are turning in their graves after the scotus decision today.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

wendy davis

when u.s. senators faint at the thought of doing a fillibuster, it takes a courageous texas state senator to fight for women with a marathon fillibuster in austin tonight. thank you wendy davis for standing up against the republicans in their war on women's reporductive rights. #istandwithwendydavis.

a texas senator, wendy davis, spoke for 10 hours and 45 minutes in an attempt to filibuster the bill. when procedural motions brought by republican opponents forced her to stop speaking, other democratic colleagues attempted to run down the clock.

 in one procedural tussle, just after 11.45pm, senator leticia van de putte asked what a female member had to do to be heard over a male senator. the comment prompted the public gallery, which had been filling up during the evening, to erupt. the cheers delayed a final vote on the bill to the stroke of midnight.- the guardian

it's 12:15, and the state senate of texas did or did not vote to pass senate bill 5. gop senators say yes; dems say it was an illegal, post-midnight vote. thousands of people at capitol are loudly protesting, alternating shouts of "wendy" (for sen. wendy davis) with cries of "shame!" some senators are still in the chamber; it's not clear what will happen next.

#standwithwendy became the hash-tag of the day, the entire country was riveted by the proceedings, more than 100,000 people nationwide were watching by the end of the day. we have not heard the end of this story.- austin chronicle
sen. john witmire, d-houston, says the bill passed at 12:02 a.m.; if that's true, the vote may not withstand legal scrutiny. "it's pretty conclusive that it didn't pass," said whitmire. - texas tribune

wendy davis couldn't eat, drink, sit down, lean, pee, or stop talking because rules are rules, but the gop can call a vote after midnight? 

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tuesday night live

the .001%

spoiler alert! ken jennings tells us pirates never drew treasure maps

ancient networks of secret underground tunnels found everywhere in europe

and rip the prolofic sci-fi writer ("i am legend," among others) richard mathheson
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Monday, June 24, 2013

it's the end of miami as we know it

and it feel fine...ok, well, maybe not....i kinda feel crappy about it.  forget hanging chads....they will soon be floating and weeki wachee will have a second site.
by century's end, rising sea levels will turn the nation's urban fantasyland into an american atlantis. but long before the city is completely underwater, chaos will begin 
...given how much florida has to lose from climate change, the abdication of leadership by state and federal politicians is almost suicidal – when it isn't downright comical. watson recalls attending a meeting on natural-hazard-response planning in south florida, funded by the federal emergency management agency and the state: "i mentioned sea-level rise, and i was treated to a 15-minute lecture on genesis by one of the commissioners. he said, 'god destroyed the earth with water the first time, and he promised he wouldn't do it again. so all of you who are pushing fears about sea-level rise, go back and read the bible.'" - rolling stone


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except for monday

sweden's healthcare system costs less and has better outcomes than ours

young republicans are more liberal than they think

the latest round of attacks in the politician's war on women

how right ideology suckered americans into hating their government
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

sunday morning la

mcdonald's worker sues: don't pay by debit card

the 20 most dangerous conservatives and their organizations

are meteorologists shedding their reputations as climate deniers?

there are fewer states with waiting periods for abortions than there are for guns
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

saturday night out

everyone's quitting facebook

here's the aclu's interactive map of abortion access attcks in 2013

how america became a third world country

the first paperless library willopen in san antonio
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Friday, June 21, 2013

last friday night

great lakes shipping falters as water levels fall

the right wing guide to how to argue with liberals on twitter: 2013 edition

illinois county gop chairman resigns after calling a biracial republican "streetwalker"

more wealth than ever - but most don't feel it
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

skippy's thursday night music club

r.i.p. james joseph gandolfini, jr

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five foods band in other countries

that we are still scarfing up. sad, really.
buzzfeed picked up a few items from the world grocery cart discussed in dr. jayson calton and certified nutritionist mira carlton’s new book, rich food, poor food, and some of the differences are pretty noteworthy. - consumerist

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howie kurtz

jumps the shark. moves to fox.
beginning july 1st, the network said in a press statement, kurtz will anchor a version of what is now called fox news watch, which airs saturdays on the network. he will also serve as an on-air analyst for the network throughout the week, in addition to writing a regular column for foxnews.com. - mediate

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thursday 11

kansas school board approves standards for evolution and climate change to be taught in grades k through 12

bobby jindahl is the gop's problem

sign the petition to tell kickstarter not to fund sexual assault manual

and rip tony soprano, actor james gandolfini and yodeler supreme, slim whitman
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

skippy's wednesday night music club

oh, geez. it's only wednesday.

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wednesday 13

hundreds of faith leaders arrested for protesting conservative policies in north carolina

world's largest study of same-sex parenting finds the children are thriving

for the first time, white deaths outnumber white births

was there a real mad hatter?
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

skippy's tuesday night music club

tuesday are always a bit moody for me....

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can the gop get any crazier?


fetuses do what?

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starbucks...refugee for protesters

who knew? usually there are protesters against the big green coffee machine...but this time, in turkey, it opens up its doors to protesters.
usually big corporate entities are the target of protests, but in turkey, one seattle-based company has become an unlikely refuge for anti-government demonstrators who've been occupying taksim square.

christan leonard is a university of washington graduate, journalist and photographer who is now working out of Istanbul and covering the protests in turkey.

she says starbucks has become an unlikely ally of the demonstrators. leonard says starbucks has welcomed demonstrators with "coffee to anyone who wanted it. free use of their restrooms which normally you have to pay for in turkey, and they even provided first aid to protesters. so they were able to help protesters who came in with minor injuries." - mynorthwest.com
good for 'buckos!

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big swinging kochs

think they can greenwash the epa by making their offices awash with their "fake" populist communications.
the koch brothers take on environmental groups over mine. almost all the mass e-mail comments urging the epa to refrain from blocking a proposed gold and copper mine in alaska come from a project established by the competitive enterprise institute, a libertarian group that accepts money from mining companies as well as the conservative koch brothers resourceful earth, the cei project, accounts for 117,401 out of 118,294 mass e-mail comments suggesting epa should stay out of the matter.- wapo

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tuesday morning

diamonds are a sham and it's time we stopped getting engaged with them

how wal-mart forces its employees to live on the dole

the gay lobby inside the vatican

the way we treat our veterans is disgraceful
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Monday, June 17, 2013

skippy's monday night music club

always thought this song needed more cowbell...i mean cowsill...

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dull monday

is the republican party really committing suicide?

the real story in the nsa scandal is the collapse of journalism

wealthy aren't job-creators, middle claas workers are

and rip the founder of second city, bernie sahlins
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

skippy's sunday night music club

a little sunday music from the man in black.

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why aren't the banksters in jail?

seriously.... and i wonder if all this spying on americans involves the banksters...probably not, yet they have done more damage to our country than any "terrorist" has. let's call them what they are. financial terrorists.
bank of america rewarded staff with cash bonuses and gift cards for meeting quotas tied to sending distressed homeowners into foreclosure, former employees said in court documents.

mortgage workers falsified records and were told to delay u.s. loan-assistance applications by requesting paperwork that the bank had already received, according to statements from ex-employees filed last week in federal court in boston. the lender improperly disqualified applicants to the home affordable modification program, according to a May 23 statement from simone gordon, a loss-mitigation specialist who left the company in 2012. - denver post


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environmental news stories sunday

some of those pesky stories that might not have gotten to the front page...above the fold.

some great listening from best of the left - #719 400 parts per million.

water wars: who controls the flow? rivers don't follow political boundaries — they flow through states and over international borders. so what are our legal rights when it comes to water? and who decides? there are two doctrines that govern surface water rights in the u.s. — one for the west and one for the east - all things considered

is bpa making girls obese? a kaiser permanente study suggests bpa, which leaches out from things like food cans, some plastic packaging, and even cashier's receipts, could increase the risk for obesity in preteen girls - mother jones

al gore presses obama on power plant carbon rules, calls keystone "atrocity". al gore is urging president obama to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants, a step the white house has not publicly embraced to date - the hill

we deserve to know what's in our food, despite what monsanto says. what the biotech industry is pushing is much different than the gradual selection of preferable traits by food growers. what we're observing now is a whole lot of dead bees, as well as an increase in food allergies and serious human diseases - syracuse post standard

how climate change makes wildfires worse - grist

winery adapting to climate change. a new report suggests that by the year 2050 as much as half of south africa’s wine growing region will no longer be able to grow grapes as a result of climate change - living on earth

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sunday morning coming down

the gender gap in silicone valley

google bans google glasses from its own sharehilder meeting

rise of jellyfish reveals sickness of world's oceans

how kodak failed
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

saturday night out

bachmann, gohmert and steve king admit to glenn beck's audience: "we're losing"

the 11 most polluted rivers in the world

some bizarre statements from the faith and freedom coalition conference

chained cpi would severly affect seniors
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Friday, June 14, 2013

keep our heads ringing (it's friday)

implications of an older workforce

how rem sleep regulates negative emotions

researchers may have found the wreckage of amelia earhardt's plane

florida courthouse to see nation's first atheist monument
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

skippy's thursday night music club

a nod to the honey bees out there.

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bee afraid

very very afraid
one third of all honeybee colonies in england did not survive winter. more than a third of all honeybee colonies in england died over the winter, according to figures from the british beekeepers association – the worst losses since its winter survival survey began.- the guardian
why honey bees matter. like the warnings surrounding the changing climate, the collapse of honey bee colonies reflect the unintended consequences of manmade ecosystem disruption that ultimately threaten our own existence in ways difficult to predict with certainty or even imagine - milwaukee journal sentinel

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this thursday

mozilla, aclu, greenpeace and over 80 other organizations protest u.s. surveillance programs

denver is the mile-high city, and we do mean high

ny legislature introduces bill to reinstate lever voting machines

bank lobbyists help draft financial laws
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kangaroo cull

halted by non-kangaroo court. roo's won't rue the day.
the lives of nearly 1,500 kangaroos that roam the open spaces of canberra have been spared after a tribunal sided with animal rights campaigners to halt a planned mass cull of the marsupials. - the guardian


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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

skippy's wednesday night music club

hey, nsa....monitoring americans' phones and internet activity? hey, i told you before...you can't do that.

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bad tux

has some bad news.
the stated purpose of this vast dragnet of data — to detect and catch terrorists — is utter balderdash.
go read more of the partyin' like it's 1984 penguin's post.

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waiting for wednesday

american workers losing ground on wages

federal courts rule it is not illegal to film police

government of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich

scientists discover giant, fluorescent pink slugs on a mountain in australia
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

organic farmers wither

in monsanto's legal spray
the u.s.. court system is refusing to protect the organic growers from future monsanto lawsuits in the event that traces of genetically engineered genes accidentally end up in the farmers’ crops. that’s because of a single paragraph on the biotech giant’s website that says it has no such litigious intentions.

monsanto’s gang of lawyers frequently sues farmers who grow the company’s genetically engineered crops without paying royalties — despite claims by many of the farmers that the seeds and genes ended up in their fields through no fault of their own. they didn’t want the stuff on their land to begin with, so they naturally wonder why they should have to pay royalties for the privilege of growing it. (the danger of rogue contamination was recently illuminated when an oregon farmer found illegal monsanto gmo wheat growing on his farm.) - grist

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skippy's tuesday night music club

in honor of san francisco being named the #1 romantic city in the country.

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tuesday heartbreak

study shows overwhelmong racial bais in marijuana arrests

mitt thinks obama was helped by sandy

and here's 5 reasons you might care about what mitt thinks about obama

the biggest explosion ever seen on the moon
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Monday, June 10, 2013

skippy's monday night music club

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if we were really interested in safety

instead of wire tapping everyone, put some gun laws into serious affect.

something to think about from think progress

since the sandy hook elementary school massacre in december, more people have been killed by guns than the total number of american troops killed in the iraq war.

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maurice sendak

happy birthday...where ever you are!

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some kids go hungry in summer

and, although the rethuglicans in d.e. think that is just fine and dandy, the usda is trying to help...and trying to make people aware of the situation...and urging people to take action. because if kids don't eat...they don't get the nutrition they need. when they don't get they nutrition they need, they don't learn as well. when they don't learn as well, they can't score well on required tests. when they don't score well on required tests, teachers are blamed and taken to task for not being able to teach, when it really isn't their fault their students can't learn because they don't eat.
"usda's summer feeding initiative supports programs that keep children active and engaged when school is out, reducing learning loss that often occurs during the summer months," said vilsack. "we must do all we can to ensure that children get nutritious food year-round, so that they are ready to learn during the school year and have a greater chance to succeed."

usda continues working with first lady michelle obama on the let's move! initiative, which is helping to promote healthy eating and physical activity while supporting the health of american families. through the combined efforts of usda and its partners, the united states is beginning to see progress and improvements in the health of our nation's children. - usda

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double monday

monsanto concedes defeat to europe's opposition to gmo

immigrants put more into the health care system thanthey take out, study finds

attacking the social safety net

the world's oldest torah found in italy
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Sunday, June 09, 2013

sunday morning call

how the gop lost young voters

is msnbc's devotion to political coverage the reason for its bad ratings?

if we changed the smoking culture we can change the gun culture

the real scandal? the republican party
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Saturday, June 08, 2013

saturday night on saturn

don't blame the irs for doing their job

and the irs approved twice as many conservative groups as liberal

fewer people are social conservatives

next year's obamacare rates will be lower than expected
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Friday, June 07, 2013

just got paid (friday night)

brooklyn prosecuters will stop using condom possession against sex workers

the tsa has finally removed all its naked full body scanners

is force feeding torture?

and rip the queen of swimming movie choreography esther williams

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Thursday, June 06, 2013

this ordinary thursday

christians can't drink starbucks

the 11 biggest conservative scandal flops

including the irs "scandal"

hey, national steampunk day is june 14!

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they can hear you know

looks like a whole heck of a lot of "you."  but, probably no law breaking corporate hedge fund criminal.
just everyone else,
the national security agency is currently collecting the telephone records of millions of us customers of verizon, one of america's largest telecoms providers, under a top secret court order issued in april. the order, a copy of which has been obtained by the guardian, requires verizon on an "ongoing, daily basis" to give the nsa information on all telephone calls in its systems, both within the us and between the us and other countries. the document shows for the first time that under the obama administration the communication records of millions of us citizens are being collected indiscriminately and in bulk – regardless of whether they are suspected of any wrongdoing. -  the guardian


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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

the turks are doing something we should be

protesting over the takeover of the "commons."
tn the crowded center of istanbul, there's a little park. it's not much by american or european standards -- a few square blocks of trees, paths, benches, and fountains, all in need of some loving care. until recently, most local residents just passed through on their way to the nearby bus stop, or perhaps sat for a few minutes on a sunny weekend. but over the past few days, little gezi park has become a major flash point -- its threatened destruction the spark for what have turned into nationwide protests, with hundreds of thousands of people demonstrating in the face of a fierce police crackdown. so what happened? - treehugger

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skippy's wednesday night music club

it's getting a little tricky out there...

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spring summer and wednesday

1.2 billion of the world's people still don't have electricity

why won't power tool companies build table saws that don't cut off fingers?

medicaid expansion can save states loads of money. too bad some governors won't support it

texas tea party leader admits: "the gop doesn't want black people to vote"

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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

tuesday heartache

5 private services that should never be privatized

how religions change their mind

#goodbyegop has been trnding on twitter for days

cancer diagnosis greatly increases your chance of bankruptcy
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Monday, June 03, 2013

crying like a church on monday

more soldiers are being discharged for misconduct than any time in history including those with pstd

5 reasons ronald reagan couldn't make it in today's gop

grassroot voters need to defeat wall-street owned dems

walmart thought man kidnapped his own kids because they're biracial
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Sunday, June 02, 2013

sunday mornin'

high school student suspended for crticizing school administration on twitter

why people are addicted to conspiracy theories

outrageous attacks on supporters of church-state separation

and rip edith bunker, actress jean stapleton
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Saturday, June 01, 2013

saturday night is the loneliest night of the week

facebook hit with social media campaign over its sexist content

all-male fox panel laments female breadwinners

how to rescue somebody from a cult

the myth of charter schools
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