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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

chris kluwe has balls

or at least kicks them well with both his feet, and with the pen. he comes out, so to speak, swinging against the fear of "the gays."
i speak for freedom, even though it is a freedom i currently have. Iispeak for equality, even though i am currently equal. i speak for justice, even though it is a justice i currently do not need. i speak for gay rights and the rights of every person, no matter their religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual predisposition, or social or economic status, to live free of the chains of oppression and hate, the barbs of ignorance and small minded fear, because that is the life i want to live - a life where i can make my own choices. a life where i can be who i am, not what someone else decides i should be. - huffington post


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