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Saturday, April 13, 2013

saturday night party

billionaires rule america...and they are coming after the last shreds of our democracy

ohio courts illegally jailing poor people for being poor

stevie nicks thinks feminism id going backwards -- did she stop thinking about tomorrow?

and rip master of improv - skippy was once fortunate enough to do a television sketch with him - comedian jonathan winters
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Skippy - as a very young boy I visited my grandparents in San Francisco back in the 50s. I remember while out there a guy was taken into custody after climbing a ships mast and screaming something about men from space.

I became a big fan of Jonathon Winters & have all his recordings. On one of them he talks about being that guy that I remember and being hospitalized for mental health treatments.

We are very lucky that he was able to get help and to overcome a rough start. He was a treasure.
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