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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Live and Die by Shades of Grey

Apparently, Chris Matthews is in trouble for telling the truth.

He told the same truth Charles Pierce did: if you use inductive reasoning, based on U.S. history of the past 20+ years--even before you consider that it's Patriot's Day orTax Filing Day--you would concentrate your search on right-wing white men (links added from Skippy's post below) as the Likely Suspects.  You would hope to be wrong, but it wouldn't be The Way to Bet.

For pointing the obvious out, Pierce was attacked by the Usual Suspects--and a sack of shit at "reason".com. (no link)

Yesterday, an off-duty NYC policeman killed her boy friend, her one-year-old, and herself.  A fourth person escaped "by climbing out a window."  Three dead. One another day, that might have been the cover of the New York Post.

I wish it were.

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A sad day when "mere" gun violence is the preferred headline, isn't it?
commented by Anonymous Syrbal/Labrys, 10:46 AM PDT  
Worth pointing to Ken, at AB. Thanks.
commented by Blogger Dan Crawford, 7:04 PM PDT  
I have believed from day one that the Boston bombings will trace back to some Tea Party/Prepper type.
commented by Blogger Sandi Campbell, 1:05 PM PDT  

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