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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

just wednesday

you cannot make a good argument for cutting social security

high schooler files injunction against her principal for slut-shaming and threatening her

personal computing market worse than ever...is windows 8 to blame?

alec has such a bad reputation it doesn't want to be called 'alec' anymore
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Mr. Guinness?
commented by Blogger D., 11:05 AM PDT  
The article about Windows 8 is stupid. There is no logic in it and no factual support. The "logic" is "Windows 8 was released, some people don't like it, the PC market dropped, Windows 8 is to blame". It's classic "B follow A therefore A caused B" reasoning. The article actually refers to Steve Jobs' statement about smartphones and tablets making PCs obsolete, but that makes no sense since it negates the premise of Windows 8 being a cause of the drop in PC sales. Very dumb article.
commented by Blogger The Precious, 3:26 PM PDT  

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