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Friday, April 19, 2013

just askin'

for all those injured severely in the horrific boston bombings, what happens if they have no health insurance? what if because of their injuries they are no longer to work and if they have healthcare tied to their employment? what happens if they have to file bankruptcy due to medical bills?

what happens to them?

bombs killed and maimed americans in boston.
our profit driven healthcare industry kills and injures americans nationwide.

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Here's what happens. Go on line and beg for money.


This is the guy who came out of surgery and ID'd the guy who left a backpack at his feet. 2 minutes later he had no legs.
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This is Massachusetts, home of nearly universal health care. They won't have a problem unless and until they go out of state.
Besides, there is the "http://onefundboston.org/" that has been set up to help victims. It already has over $7 million in it...
An aside: the word I have to type in to prove I'm not a robot is "derboom".
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