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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

i write to idiot obama

why are you so willing to cut benefits to social security?  this is an insurance program patriotic americans have been paying into even before you were born.  you are such an irresponsible disappointment to americans.

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posted by George at 3:56 AM |


He's not a disappointment to Big Bidness and Big Media, though.

He affects me the same way Junior Bush did: I cannot stand to hear his voice. I know that when Obama's lips are moving, he is speaking pretty, but speaking fake. I really despise the both of them.
commented by Anonymous lea-p, 7:06 AM PDT  
I was gone and in those three months my brother who supported SS as it was with the simple tweaks need to keep it viable is now saying changes need to be made such as raising the retirement ages.

I say the media whore machine is working and changing minds.

Fuck bama and fuck the two senawhores from Colorado who are on board as well with this.

I say too that these elected people who have the D associated with their whored out asses are not Democrats but something entirely different. They are going to get their way and most don't give a fuck they are giving up their own blood for the 1%.

We are soooo fucked!
commented by Blogger One Fly, 7:28 AM PDT  

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