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Friday, April 19, 2013

friday you said goodbye

how obama wants to prevent future romneys from avoiding taxation

did alaskan newborns suffer repercussions from the fukushima fallout?

maybe reinholt and rogoff could use some help from clippy to figure out how to use excel

the fertilizer plant that exploded in texas had no alarms, shut-off system or firewall

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Compare the responses of the Alaska researchers on Fukushima effects to the responses from Reinhardt and Rogoff.

The only reasonable conclusion is that Mark Thoma was too nice two days ago when he said "if data can’t settle our theoretical disputes – and it doesn’t appear that it can – then our claim for scientific validity has little or no merit."
commented by Blogger Ken Houghton, 7:16 AM PDT  
Re: Avoiding taxation. Once again, Obama knows when you have made enough money. This money is not "hidden" from the IRS. It is taxed upon dispersal.

Remember the Alternative Minimum Tax? It was designed to get appx 600 very wealth people that were not paying taxes. Now it ensares millions of middle class families.
commented by Anonymous Ghoulardi, 9:47 AM PDT  

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