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Thursday, April 11, 2013

facebook...coming to your grocery bag

so not nom nom nom....
facebook has announced a new system that lets advertisers target you based on what groceries you buy, what car you drive, and what kind of phone you use. it’s just the latest example of an emerging pattern at the social network – follow the user all over the place to close more ad sales.

the bland name of facebook’s new “partner categories” belies a bold mission: tying disparate real-world data to facebook’s online social graph. the system allows facebook advertisers to target groups of users based on loyalty card usage at grocery stores and elsewhere, based on public records like auto registration, and based on email addresses consumers give out at retail checkout registers. - wired


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I imagine a lot of this information will get passed on to your insurance carrier.
I am more and more glad I don't do FAcebook.
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