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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

big wednesday

5 viral stories about boston that aren't true

a short, recent history of pressure cooker bombs

only dozens attend dc tax day protests

republican county commissioner uses the n-word. but he's not racist, because, in his words, he "built habitat homes for colored people"!

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The Boston bombings were some homegrown, right wing teabagger. No doubt in my mind about that. Probably a gun nut, too. The gun nuts all think their guns are the solution to problems. How big a step is it from "shoot something" to "blow something up" to solve your problems?
commented by Blogger The Precious, 8:44 AM PDT  
Oh, Precious, you forgot he's probably a Southerner and drives a pick-up. Please, tell me how you came to such a reasoned conclusion, outside of talking to Miss Cleo, of course.
commented by Anonymous Ghoulardi, 1:19 PM PDT  

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