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Monday, April 08, 2013

bank holiday monday

force sane gun laws - boycott starbucks

the great marijuana rehab scam

how the kids saved the park

and arianna huffington is being sued for trashing a sub-lease
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In the author's view the only sane gun law is no guns.
Allowing guns does not increase gun proliferation. If you want to stop gun proliferation, stop the assault on the 2nd amendment. Notice the uptick in sales every time congress floats a proposal to ban a specific gun?

“Forward thinking” aka people who agree with me. Pffffft.

Which place do you think a criminal would target first, one that allows concealed and open carry or one with a large sign saying “Gun Free Zone?”
commented by Anonymous Ghoulardi, 8:19 AM PDT  
I would boycott Starbuck's, but it wouldn't make a difference because I never drink Starbuck's coffee because it sucks. I do get a Caribou every now and then, but even that is only so-so. The best coffee is the free trade stuff you can buy at Costco.

Also, as far as Ghoulardi is concerned, we have yet another of the paid mouthpeices for the NRA who march around challenging any and every reference to sane gun prohibition. I don't know if these people are paid, but they are everywhere and the main goal is to allow insecure men who feel that their penises are too small to feel powerful by maintaining their access to guns. We have been held hostage to the insecurities of men with small penises for long enough.
commented by Blogger DBK, 8:55 AM PDT  
Hahaha! DBK cannot refute the facts so he (she?) resorts to the ad-hominem attack. Is it a fact that allowing guns results in proliferation. No, there is no cause/effect relationship. No coincidence that the sale of AR-15's went sky high after the proposal to outlaw them was made.

See how this works, DBK? Facts and logic. Again, a sane law is one YOU agree with. Please tell me a sane gun law that will stop, well, whatever it is you are trying to stop.
commented by Anonymous Ghoulardi, 6:56 AM PDT  
You had neither facts nor logic on your side. Your logic is "If we have more people with guns everywhere, thwre will be less gun violence." That "logic" is so stupid, it doesn't merit refutation. And I am sorry you are so insecure about your penis size, but learn to live with it and you might not need to sleep with a gun to make you feel like a man.

Of course insecure idiots bought mor guns when there was NO EVIDENCE AT ALL that guns would be outlawed. There was only a proposal to outlaw certain types of weapons and the hysterical, insecure males ran out to get their substitute penises in droves. All that proves is MY point. Seriously, you have no point to make at all except to prove your opponent's. Don't need the help, but thanks anyway.
commented by Blogger DBK, 9:30 AM PDT  
Mark Kelly, husband of Gabby Giffords, and outspoken gun control advocate recently bought a .45 and and an AR 15 along with high capacity magazines. Is he insecure?

FBI stats have shown, more guns, less violence. Let’s look at two cities and one country that banned guns; Washington DC, Chicago and Australia. DC now allows guns in the limits and it’s murder rate is the lowest since 1963 (FBI). Chicago has some of the most onerous gun control laws and they are on a record setting murder pace this year. Australia outlawed guns in 1997 and guess what? Assaults with guns rose 25% and murders by gun rose nearly 20%.

So, to recap, there is proof that more guns lead to less violence. Your inability to refute anything I put forth is noted, except to once again attack the messenger. Yawn.
commented by Anonymous Ghoulardi, 8:13 PM PDT  
You have posted absolute bullshit. The fact is that the states with the most gun laws have the least gun violence and the ones with the least gun laws have the most gun violence.

Those are just the facts. Your idiot logic, that having more guns makes less violence, is so prima facie stupid that only a moron could fall for it. You just want access to substitute penises. I am sorry you are insecure, but that is no reason to hold the country hostage to gun violence.

The nation still wants gun control and we are going to get it, so get more desperate and cite more anecdotal horse manure as you screech into the wind, but the change is coming and it is a change for the better.
commented by Blogger DBK, 9:52 PM PDT  
By the wa, that four year old who walked into a bedroom in Tennessee, picked up a gun, and killed a woman the other day (yesterday, I think it was)? Proves the NRAs point perfectly. The only thing that stops a naughty four year old with a gun is a good four year old with a gun. Arm all the four year olds and you won't have these sorts of things happening.

NRA logic: perfect for the mind that never works.
commented by Blogger DBK, 10:02 PM PDT  
DBK, questions you still fail to answer (unless you count, "You're posting baloney and have issues," an answer:

1. Does allowing the citizenry access to guns cause a proliferation of guns?
2. Was there an uptick (to the extent that stores were sold out and selling faster than manufacturers could produce them) in sales of AR-15’s when politicians started talk to ban them?
3. Which business/home would a criminal target first, a well defended one or one with a big “No Guns Allowed” sign?
4. Has Australia had an increase in gun crime in the 15 years since guns were made illegal to own?
5. Have murders by gun decreased in Washington DC since the Heller decision?
6. Have the smothering gun laws of Chicago stopped or had any positive affect?

I have refuted your claims fewer (not less) guns results in less gun crime with FBI statistics. You, on the other hand, resort to the first two step in the liberal playbook, attack the messenger and curse. How long before you get to step three…TALK REALLY LOUD??
commented by Anonymous Ghoulardi, 5:26 AM PDT  

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