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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

a wednesday in your garden

customers are fleeing empty wal-mart shelves for target & costco

global warming's latest victim: wine

religious grauma syndrome: how some organized religion leads to mental health problems

the gop sez, ladies, listen closely
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Wow, what a job of the GOP trying to shove women back into binders! Or blinders....whichever!
commented by Anonymous Syrbal/Labrys, 8:55 AM PDT  
I have said for years that religion itself, and a belief in a god, is a form of mental illness. And I always said that the illness is worse or less harmful depending on the depth of belief. I say it again because it is absolutely true. If you think there is a magic spirit that does magic things, then you are unable to discern reality and have a form of mental illness. It's not quite cognitive dissonance, but it is close to it.
commented by Blogger The Precious, 10:34 AM PDT  
Very interesting. Thank you for this blog.
Green Onyx
commented by Blogger Rajib Hossain, 3:49 AM PDT  

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