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Sunday, March 03, 2013

obama and republicans: accessories to murder

obama's brilliant sequester plan backed by republicans has now cut medicaid. thousands of americans will die due to these cuts. this makes obama and republicans accessories to murder or at the very least guilty of negligent homicide.


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Obama has always prided himself on bipartisanship. He has made a fetish of it. Now he and Republicans will kill thousands of Americans with their Medicaid cuts. If bipartisan was a dirty word before now with the death of thousands of Americans on its hands it had better be an extremely vulgar word unspeakable in polite company.
commented by Blogger George, 4:07 AM PST  
Medicaid is exempt from the sequester, fwiw.
commented by Blogger mahakal, 4:08 PM PST  
Overpayments are not exempt. What constitutes an overpayment? Your mileage may vary.
commented by Blogger George, 12:30 AM PST  

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