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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

jon stewart takes a holiday

ok..ok...our patron saint is taking a "working" holiday...but holiday nonetheless. quite deserved in our humble opinion.
mr. stewart, the stand-up satirist and “daily show” host, said on tuesday that he would direct his first movie, a drama called “rosewater,” from a screenplay that he wrote. the movie — which will require a 12-week absence from his duties on “the daily show” — is an adaptation of the 2011 book “then they came for me: a family’s story of love, captivity and survival,” by maziar bahari and aimee molloy. - nytimes blog
he quietly optioned the book through his busboy productions banner, and had a personal stake in the story: after bahari was accused of spying, one of the items used against him was an appearance he made on the daily show. i can’t remember when a well established daily talk show host has taken a hiatus like this to pursue a passion project. - deadline ny
here's an interview (in two parts) that patron saint stewart had with the author of the book.

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