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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Apologies Due and Rendered

It's been a little over ten years, and I have now (thanks to Sarah Wendell) had to face the truth.  And it is an ugly truth:

The exact length, if Langdon recalled correctly, was around fifteen hundred feet, the length of three Washington Monuments laid end to end.*
All of you (and especially Teresa) who told me years ago that Dan Brown cannot write: I believed you on an intellectual level, but I didn't realize it would—nay, could—be this much of a train wreck.

I am very sorry for having had a scintilla of doubt.  I'm also coming to the conclusion that Ron Howard is an underrated director, since the screenwriter's other credits are begging for a Scott Lemieux evaluation.

In other apologies today, I didn't think anyone could do Worse than Ezra. Fortunately, some people (hi, Brad) are paying $20 a year so that Andrew Sullivan can continue to promote himself and embarrass his supporters at the same time.  Fortunately, Blue Girl in a Red Redesigned State** does the intellectual garbage pick-up:

How is he...trying to wash off that blood? By writing blog posts? How courageous of them. How meaningful for that little dead boy in the photo he included in his post. (Warning, the photo is graphic.)

Rumsfeld and Cheney were were great at projecting competence and management skills?

Is he on glue?

The good news of the day:  Dave Neiwert is back to blogging. And has a book coming out soon.

*Brown, Dan (2003-03-18). The Da Vinci Code: A Novel: 1 (Robert Langdon) (p. 36). Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. And note for the record that The Washington Monument is 555' 5 1/2" high. Three of those would be more than 1,650 feet.

**It is cruel of me to note that Ohio is the only not-necessary-Red State on the Most Unhappy States list. (h/t Instaputz)
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Thanks for the head's-up. Mr. Neiwert's been missed.
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